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  1. Ok, so that's a little weird... Up until the last week, I actually had 4 databases listed, 2 with the same name (1 of which had no serial number), and the other 3 all had different data (like comics in inventory) associated with them... I hadn't actually opened any of the other 3, but when I tried, it was so old, that the system wanted to convert it or something to a newer format... I closed it, and I think it disappeared... And now all three appear to have the same quantity and value. weird. ---------------------- So basically, remove the 2 that I haven't been accessing them? ---------------------- Also, in regard to the issue... I found that if I used the "Find Item" feature on the app, the missing issues actually show up as in my collection... But still not in the "View Report" (Collection Report - Comic Books). Just seems weird... Thank you.
  2. Hello, I recently added (at least) 5 issues of G.I. Combat into my database (always from a computer; I don't add items from/in the app - just reference use), and not any of the 5 are showing as part of my collection in the app. - I'm not sure if there's other items in my collection that aren't showing... But guessing that's a possibility. So, I just now opened Sidekick, and did the "Optimize" and save to the Cloud functions... Closed the app, re-opened the app, and the five comics still do NOT show up in the app. my collection totals and value numbers are the same as on the database on the computer, but these books (and probably some others), are not. Any clue what the issue may be, and how to correct it? Thank you for any advice and/or assistance, Rob
  3. I do believe that I successfully downloaded a copy of my active database, and put it on my laptop, for reference use. Took me a while, but it looks like it worked. Thank you all!
  4. Thank you for the replies.... So, do I have to save it to a flash drive? Saving it to the cloud, won't let me access it from another computer? And, if I have to use a flash drive... how does one save it, exactly? (I'm already away from the main computer, so I have to give directions to someone else to get it done... lol).
  5. Hello, This may be a stupid question, but am I able to install ComicBase on 2 different hard drives, and have access to my collection information? I'm frequently out of town, and would like to be able to view my collection from my laptop, so I may avoid buying doubles... (lol). I wouldn't bother downloading all the cover discs, but having access to what I own would be helpful. On the flipside... if I could figure out how to see my collection in the app, it would be even better for me. Unless I am doing something wrong with the app... 😞 Thank you, Rob
  6. Hello, I noticed on "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man " that ComicBase has 1/A, 2/A, and 3/A, but in reality, these are 2nd printings. For some reason (to increase sales, no doubt) in these days, Marvel listed their 2nd printings as "Variant Edition" on the cover.... For this particular title, you will see that with issue #17, they modified the cover logo to include "2nd Printing" on the cover and the indicia. The same goes for the rest of "The Other" crossover issues (Marvel Knights Spider-man, Amazing Spider-man), and I'm sure most Marvel titles from that period. ----- I could be wrong, but I slapped a 2nd print sticker on these as I originally bagged them, which leads me to believe that they weren't variant covers like they are today. They came out after the initial release. Also, this website backs up my suggestion https://www.comics.org/issue/941968/ Thank you for your support, and an awesome program! Rob
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