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  1. Loaded up comicbase today And was welcomed by this error,any idea how to fix it
  2. I'm on the professional edition,just started the program and it say there's a up date,think it adds more cover pictures amongst other things,where do I download the new covers from,or are they installed automatically Thanks
  3. Thanks mark all working good now
  4. Has anyone had database problems,I load my database in mobile,press view list and nothing happens
  5. Yeah I think I've sorted it out now lol and you was right I was dropping in the wrong folder
  6. I'm trying to add some better covers,I drop them into the folde,but when I take it from the folder to drop on the grid this box keeps coming up
  7. Where can I download sidekick Thanks
  8. Yeah Michael can't rate the man high enough
  9. Hi Steven do you get quick start on the professional edion Steven
  10. Just upgraded to professional,where go you download the picture files to ?
  11. Just like to say a big thanks to Pete bickford,I meant to upgrade from express to professional,but by my own mistake I renewed it instead,I emailed Pete and explained what I had did,and he refunded me so I could add the extra rew pounds and upgrade to professional,it was my mistake so he didn't really need to refund me,but he did,that means a lot,shows what a genuine guy he is
  12. I wanted to upgrade to professional by by mistake renewed the express version,gutted I've got to spend another 89 dollars to get what I wanted in the first place
  13. Yeah I did it wrong I wanted to upgrade to professional but brought the wrong one
  14. I was on express version pressed to upgrade and got the same express version instead,waste of money
  15. Well a key issue would show a gold key icon,and a minor a silver key icon,I'm sure most people would know what a major and minor are,I don't have the knowledge of comics to tell which is keys and ain't myself,it was just a idea
  16. Would it be possible to add major and minor key icons,just a thought
  17. No that's fine,I'll upgrade then
  18. Love the software,are the values checked regularly do you know,thinking about upgrading
  19. Does comicbase pull values from eBay sold items at all ?
  20. Sorry for the confusion the request price check error is now fixed,it's the price value of the comic I'm questioning
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