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  1. How accurate are the prices,as the prices in comicbase and covrprice are completely in different universes just wondered which one was right
  2. Thanks mark I'll try this once home from work
  3. Can't download the latest downloader from registration page,god's know why,losing my patients with this program now
  4. When I go to my registration page,all I'm getting is the download I already have
  5. Hi Pete as far as I know ive done all this I'll try it once more,then I don't know what else I can do
  6. Content update work fine,but the q4 update won't it's caught in a cycle of install update, download installer,then back again,I've uninstalled installed about 5 times but can't fix this problem
  7. The new ,q4 update Dont work it just sends you round in circles all it does is down installer,you install it,run it then it downloads installer again,and it repeats that every time you run the program
  8. Going round in circles trying to update it
  9. Trying to update to the the new update,it downloads the installer,I start program again then it says download update,which I do then it downloads installer again,it seem to going round in circles any ideas please ?
  10. Thanks mark done what you said and it worked,thanks so much
  11. Mark I've got the newest database and still have this problem,have now for over 6 months don't seem to be no fix for it
  12. Dustin I've had the same problem for about 6 months never been able to upload nothing,I've tried everything
  13. Hi mark,done it again and updated fine,and the program is much smoother than cb2022
  14. Hi Peter,every time I load cb2023 it comes up with the update screen,I'm updating the same stuff everytime I launch the program
  15. Sorted you got too start the 2022 version to download the 2023 version
  16. When I try downloading the 2023 version,it just downloads the 2022 version
  17. Some how no idea how I've got my barcode scanner working lol,god how much quicker it is to enter books
  18. Hi mark,it's a tao electronics and you got more chance of winning the lottery than getting a response from them lol
  19. Hi Gregory yeah tried it at all angles or distances,just no luck with it
  20. Hi new to barcode scanners When I scan a barcode,it inputs the first block of numbers but doesn't enter the last ,5 number block how do I get it to add the last 5 please
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