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  1. How accurate are the prices,as the prices in comicbase and covrprice are completely in different universes just wondered which one was right 

  2. Content update work fine,but the q4 update won't it's caught in a cycle of install update, download installer,then back again,I've uninstalled installed about 5 times but can't fix this problem 

  3. Trying to update to the the new update,it downloads the installer,I start program again then it says download update,which I do then it downloads installer again,it seem to going round in circles any ideas please ?

  4. On 10/14/2022 at 12:23 AM, Dustin Oliver said:

    I just re-installed, and now have version v23.0.0.1873 of CB2023. No other protection software beside Webroot. I have the entire Human Computing folder whitelisted in Webroot. I have all CB-connected programs whitelisted in Windows Firewall. Still get the same error.

    Dustin I've had the same problem for about 6 months never been able to upload nothing,I've tried everything 

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