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  1. Hi Steven I don't sell so it should be fine
  2. Thanks Michael just did that and works fine
  3. Wondering why there's is no 9.6 or 9.8 set grades?
  4. Seems to be a lot of problems with atomic avenue lately
  5. Site seems to be down again,seems to be a regular thing now,just emailed support
  6. Why is atomic avenue going down so often
  7. Oh right lol yeah I do think the 4k archive one might be the one I'll go for
  8. Do you get a yearly discount when you renew yearly ??
  9. Thank you Steven I did see that yesterday,I've added them to my collection
  10. Yeah it's took me about 25 minutes to download a cover
  11. Is anyone finding its taking a very long time for the cover pictures too open up,I've tested my broadband connection and it's definitely not my internet
  12. Is Atomic avenue down again?
  13. Steven did you say you added them 2 weird western tales UK editions as I can't see them
  14. I've typed the barcode in and it comes up as planet of the apes:cataclysm 1/H
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