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  1. I have a pretty basic setup. Just one monitor. My settings are for the screen saver to turn on after 10 minutes, the screen to turn off after 20 minutes, and the computer to go to sleep after 3 hours. I update Windows and drivers at the beginning of every month. Nothing's changed with my computer from the time between the screen saver still working and it stopping to work. I don't think I've even added any new programs. Oh well. Just wanted to check in on it. If the screen saver is my only issue with the program, I can live with that.
  2. I have recurring issues with Sidekick and error messages, but I have historically been negligent in capturing them. Well, that has changed! I caught one of my nemeses tonight! While Sidekick runs the database update, it likes to tell me that I must update my database by opening ComicBase before Sidekick can use it? It soldiers on through the error message, though, but gets stuck in a never-ending update loop. ComicBase is not currently open as this is running. My computer is running Win 10, and my CB version is
  3. My computer begs to differ. Still broken for me with build I'm willing to concede this is somehow something specifically wrong with something on my end.
  4. I'm having the same issue with my screensaver, but I've also been having a lot of technical issues with CB as of late (regular Sidekick errors, database not linking to the mobile app, phantom database on my online account). I'll be emailing support shortly. As an added note on this issue, though, when I check the screen saver dropdown menu, I have both "ComicBase Cover Gallery" and "PComicBase Cover Gallery" listed as options. If I select the latter, it defaults to the former. "PComicBase" also disappears if I switch to a Windows screen saver, but reappears after I switch back to the regular "ComicBase Cover Gallery" screen saver and check the drop down again. For now, it's back to the old Windows Photo slide show.
  5. And please disregard that resubmission I just sent of issue 2803. I had been updating the issue details this morning and didn't realize you had already made the adjustments I had requested. Thank you for your prompt updating.
  6. Also, just got off the phone with the publisher's customer service. I can confirm that the Summer 2022 issue was the final issue. Sci-Fi Magazine is no longer in publication.
  7. Hey, it's me again to revisit everyone's favorite topic, seven months later. A little housekeeping to adjust the most recent issues. What you currently have as 2704: Please delete. This entry is listed as being "September 2021," even though an issue for that month already exists (see 2703) and the cover is a duplicate from issue 2605. According to the indicia, then, the three most recent issues need to move a number: The Winter 2022 issue (Eternals cover) should be 2704 (not 2801, as currently listed) The Spring 2022 issue (Star Trek: Picard cover) should be 2801 (not 2802, as currently listed) And the Summer 2022 issue (Obi-Wan cover) should be 2802 (not 2803, as currently listed) And as the fall issue is waaaaaaaay overdue, maybe that will be the end of this title, and there will be no further occasion for the editorial team to curse my name.
  8. And here are those 3 covers I promised for 2301, 2304, and 2506.
  9. Yeah, it is more than a little confusing because there are different ways to fix the problem. I guess what we do about 2506 on depends on how you want to deal with the probably phantom issue 1503 (June 2009) and the publisher's double usage of "Volume 18, Issue 6" (for 1806/December 2012 and 1901/February 2013). If you're just going to leave your numbering alone (which is probably easier for you because you can just note the volume/issue number discrepancy in the Notes field from 1901 through 2605, as opposed to shifting a lot of cover images and cover dates), this is what you should do. Keeping your numbering: -2506/cover date December 2019 should be the Malificent cover I need to scan and send you, if no one has it. -Move the current image for 2506 (Chewbacca) to 2601, as Chewbacca should be the cover for February 2020. -Move the current image for 2601 (Picard) to 2602, as Picard should be the cover for Spring 2020. -Move the current image for 2602 (Wonder Woman) to 2603, as Wonder Woman should be the cover for Summer 2020. -Move the current image for 2603 (Black Widow) to 2604, as Black Widow should be the cover for Fall 2020. And then the following fix occurred to me to help get your numbering back to matching the numbering in the mags: -Move the current image for 2604 (Free Guy) and create issue 2605 for it, as Free Guy should be the cover for Winter 2021. -Now issues 2701, 2702, and 2703 will also match their indicia, so leave them alone. -Delete info and image for 2704, as it is a duplicate of the Free Guy issue noted above. -Move the winter 2022 issue/cover (Eternals) from 2801 to 2704, as the Winter 2022 issue is Volume 27, Issue 4. -Move the spring 2022 issue/cover (Star Trek) from 2802 to 2801, as the Spring 2022 issue is Volume 28, Issue 1. And then going forward, everything will match up again between your numbering in the database and the volume/issue numbering in the actual magazines. I imagine there might be more questions for clarification now for my proposal for 2604 on, but I hope we at least keep shrinking the amount of issues that need to be discussed. Again, it also all depends on where you would like to start matching your numbering to the volume/issue numbers in the actual magazine after they diverge at 1901 and how much information you're willing to shift and adjust to do it.
  10. I think I figured this mess out, but it's still going to be a mess, however you decide to handle it. -Issues 609 and 610 appear to be the same issue. Both are listed as 6/1/2000 and there is no cover image for 610. Also, they appear to only be publishing 9 issues per year at this point, so unless anybody has some solid info on the existence of 610, you could probably delete it. -Issue 1503: You don't have a cover scan for it, and I can't find it in my collection or online. The magazine switched publishers sometime between 1502 and 1504 (returning to Sovereign), and I'm wondering if 1503 wasn't published and the repeated "Volume 18, Issue 6" indicia I noted above was actually a correction to reflect that. Either way, if anybody has any info on this issue, it might help. From here I'm going to match cover images to cover dates since the volume/issue numbers in the mags are all off by one when compared to the listings in the database. -Issue 2301 (2/1/17) is the wrong cover. It should be a Rogue One cover (I'll try to scan and submit when I have the time.) -Issue 2302 (4/1/17) should have the cover currently on 2301 (Elizabeth Banks/Power Rangers). -Issue 2304 (8/1/17) should have a Wonder Woman cover (again, I'll try to scan and submit when I can). -Issue 2506 (12/1/19) should have a Malificent/Michelle Pfeiffer cover (which I'll scan when I can). -From an indicia standpoint, the Star Wars cover you have for 2506 is correct. From your numbering standpoint, though, it needs to shift down to 2601 (to cover date 2/1/20), and all of the covers after it would also need to shift down one issue, except for issue 2704 (because it's the wrong cover anyway, a duplicate image of 2604). -The image for 2801 could stay in place then. And the latest issue could be added as 2802. (With this numbering, though, just remember all your volume/issue numbers in the database are going to be off one from the volume/issue numbers in the actual mags from 1901 on.) I'm not sure if all that makes sense to anyone but me (or if anyone cares), but I'm happy to try to clarify as I can if there are any questions. Otherwise, I'll just pick at it sporadically and in piecemeal as I go about transferring my info to the magazine database.
  11. Well, it appears the publisher slapped "Volume 18, Issue 6" on 2 consecutive issues and never looked back or corrected, which led to my confusion in looking at how the issues are listed in the database. I guess I'll keep digging, as I can, to make sure everything is in order, even if it stops matching the indicia. Not sure yet how that affects the corrections I suggested at the top of this thread.
  12. Going through the title a little more carefully, there seems to be a larger problem where all the covers are off an issue, starting somewhere in volume 20, from what I can tell so far. When I have the chance, I'll pull out my back issues and see if I can figure out where, exactly, things are going wrong.
  13. I noticed some recent issues of Sci-Fi: The Official Magazine of the Sci-Fi Network are matched with the wrong covers. -Currently, issues 2604 and 2704 have the same Free Guy cover. That image is correct for 2604. -2704 should be the Eternals/Salma Hayek image that is currently attached to 2801. -And 2801 should be a Jeri Ryan/Star Trek: Picard cover. I'd add the correct 2801 cover myself, but I don't have a scanner well-suited to the size.
  14. Well, I uninstalled everything CB-related, restarted my computer, and reinstalled. No luck. That's all right! The database works, which is the main thing, and Windows Photo screen saver scrolls through the covers just fine. Considering this is me and technology, that's basically a win!
  15. Thanks, Pete. I do have the Archive Edition. Unfortunately, the cover gallery is not in that drop down menu for me. I guess I'll try reinstalling. Probably some stupid goof with still having had the old cover gallery installed at the time. I'll post an update after I've had the chance to retry it.
  16. While many others seem to be having the more serious issue of not being able to install or startup the new CB, I, as always, have a much more trivial issue. I can't find the screen saver. I looked in the screen saver drop down menu in Settings, and I don't see it. I tried to search for it in the Program Files or in the settings in CB, but no luck. Maybe the fact that I still had the old cover gallery installed at the time led to some confusion in my elderly computer's fuzzy processors. Whatever the cause, I'm sure the answer lies in one of the two usual places: I'm overlooking something obvious or I need to reinstall. This is by no means a rush to solve, given the holiday and the other issues people are having. My palm, though, is primed for my face when the answer comes. Thanks in advance!
  17. The cover for issue #3 somehow made its way into the slot for issue #2 in the database, and issue #3 had no cover image. I corrected and submitted, though I'm not sure my corrected cover for issue #2 went through. The problem might have stemmed from the fact that, at least on my copies, the UPC codes for both issues are exactly the same. Anyway, if the correct #2 cover didn't make it to you, let me know, and I'll send again.
  18. I had still been using the old CB Cover Gallery screen saver through the Win10 update with no issues. My problem occurred with the update to CB2020, for some reason. It would only throw an error message after that, so I switched my screen saver to the Slideshow option Windows has and selected the covers folder as the one to use.
  19. After much delay, yes, the new build seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks again!
  20. The last few weeks when Sidekick has attempted to backup my database to the cloud, I've received a web client exception error. I checked my account online, and I appear to have no backups saved there at all, which is weird because it's always been set to do it weekly, even before I was getting errors. I did uninstall and reinstall after the first time or two, but it's still going on. Any other suggestions to try? Thanks.
  21. I know there were some issues with the report updater a month ago, and there were a backlog of reports. Is this still an issue? I generated a couple reports last Friday/Saturday, and they have yet to appear in my account on the website or on the app. Thanks!
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