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  1. 1) Thanks, I'm blind. I was expecting it as a link under the main ComicBase page, not a tab in the forum page. 2) I'd imagine separating the two forums out will prevent wrong topic postings. It might be helpful, though to provide a hyperlink somewhere on each forum's page to take you tot he other forum. 3) Okay. Might consider making it it's own topic. Excelsior!
  2. On a different note, there are database fields available in Advanced Find called "Picture Height" and "Picture Width" that can give you more information at once.
  3. The title is possessive both on the cover and in the indicia, not "Harley Quinn: Villain of the Year".
  4. I know I can sort files by date, but how about naming the files in a way that they naturally sort chronologically? yyyy-mm-dd? How about a link, either to the most recent log, or just to the folder of log reports, in Sidekick for the "Update database content" item?
  5. Why are there no images for some current issues, neither final or preliminary, for some current issues like Detective Comics 1017 or Justice League Odyssey 16, when there are images for some later issues? And these aren't obscure titles... I was going to provide details about my version, and update times, and logs, and manual download attempts, but then realized that they're not on AtomicAvenue, either.
  6. 1) Where is the forum archive link to view the old forum? 2) New AtomicAvenue forums? 3) Forum for discussing the forum?
  7. The icon of the word bubbles with a black background to the left of the forum name, when clicked, does not work, at least for me. I have some unread items in the forum. I click the icon. I get a dialog saying "There was an error marking this item as read".
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