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  1. I keep a backup copy of my installers on a removable drive. Forgot that I was running the installer from off the removable drive, and removed it mid-process. Duh. We'll see how everything goes after a reboot.
  2. failed to install. I'll put this in a separate topic. Edit. I think I'm an idiot. Give me a few minutes.
  3. My book (which by the way, has the UPC of #1/A's entry, 70985370478200111, while #1 has no entered UPC) does not appear to have a cover gallery. I assume mine represents a regular blue sky version from which 99 were taken and signed, and not an ultra-rare 100th that they forgot to sign.
  4. G.I. Joe: Battle Files #1, and 1/A #1 notes states "Pink Skies", and the cover scan does have a pink cast to it, in contrast to the clear white of the middle stripe after the logo. #1/A has a blue sky, but is apparently a Signed version. I have an unsigned Blue Sky version. Suggestion on how to properly enter it?
  5. Detective Comics #38/A The notes and coverscan show this as a Toys R Us reprint. The notes further indicate that this came in a Toys R Us 3-pack giveaway. I realized that I have the polybagged 3-pack and not the loose single comic. 1) What are the other two issues in this 3-pack giveaway? 2) How should I properly enter the actual still-bagged 3-pack? I searched for the other issues, and this is the only one with the 3-pack information. Of the other 9 with "Toys R Us" in the notes, Detective #359/A has a similar corner logo, and if so, would still leave one unidentified issue left.
  6. I wake up this morning and Cloud save is still attempting to process.
  7. I pulled mine. The indicia reads "VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER No. 1, September 2019"
  8. Running now... Manually started Optimizing,,, Preparing backup (0%), then 44%, 59%, 72%, 84%, 96%, 100% Backing up twiddle, twiddle, twiddle, probably been 2 minutes, didn't check at first... 5:31 pm... 5:36 pm, still thinks it's running. Guess it's still not working.
  9. Don't think I saw it mentioned. Cloud Sync not working. I had closed the program, and what I believe was the automatic backup was at first hanging, not progressing, don't know what the status message was, didn't pay attention. It was just stuck on an animating progress bar (Which, since it doesn't actually show progress, I probably shouldn't call it that). Canceled and manually initiated a backup. It went into a cycle of optimizing, Preparing, rinse and repeat. Rebooted and felt happy, I at first thought it worked, as it didn't get stuck, and didn't repeat over and over. But... Optimizing... Preparing backup (0%), then 59%, 72%, 84%, 96%, 100% But then a little red message at the top saying "Error sending data." and the Sync status telling me the last backup was still 1/1/2020. Currently running version The Current version page states that the current version is, and the change log does not mention any cloud sync corrections. The download page says I'll be be downloading I'll install, reboot, and try again and post an update.
  10. Thank you for that. Figured that there were ways, at least with Advanced Find. Just thought it would be useful to have it available right on the main window, without the need to construct a find on the fly or load a saved find.
  11. New, possibly odd, issue in hand. I figured rather than trying to find the title, I'd search for the UPC. No go. I gave up. Next week, post update, I try again with the UPC. No go. I decide to hunt for the title and find it. I scroll down to look for the issue, and I think I find it, but no cover scans. I move over to look at the UPC codes, and I find that it is apparently an unentered variant for an existing issue. That explains not finding it by UPC search. How about some form of partial UPC search in the find box? I can think of several forms... Enter 10 or 12 digits and try to find a title. Enter 15 digits and try to match issues. Enter 17 characters, mix of digits and 'x's, and try to wildcard match issues
  12. Alright, that's a new one on me. Where is Doctor Doom #4? There's an entry for #5...
  13. Thank you for the information, but that doesn't address my observation. In ComicBase, the entry for "The Adventurers (Book 1)" Issue #2, which Cyberspace Steve informs is the the first original issue from the new publisher, Adventure, has the same cover scan as the entry for "The Adventurers (Aircel)) issue #2, which Cyberspace Steve informs is the second and last issue from the original publisher, Aircel. It's quite clearly the wrong scan for the Adventure publisher, as it still contains the publisher name "Aircel" in the boxed information in the upper left corner.
  14. The above scan has excessive white space on the bottom.
  15. 1) I'm loathe to take an existing field and add fake data 2) If it becomes official, then we all can stop doing it individually.
  16. File Tools | Rebuild Lists | Picture Files list Whether I select it on it's own, or I select all 5, this appears to not run. I wasn't seeing it with my non-updated version, I just installed, and it still fails to run, even after a PC reboot.
  17. Why isn't this simply "A + X"? Was there a plan for a 2nd Series? Is there a current plan for a 2nd Series? It's been 5 years...
  18. How about adding a new official fields - PseudoCoverDate. Where the CoverDate is known, that value s the PseudoCoverDate. Where it isn't, we arbitrarily assign a PseudoCoverDate that approximates the actual cover date. Thus, we would have an official column that would provide useful, if not exact, date searches.
  19. And can I just say that the Date fields in CB are a disappointment, they are so intermittently filled in as to make attempts to use them leaving you with uncertainty.
  20. That just looks weird. I'm used to building these things with I.[xxx] and T.[xxx], and here you're using two different constructions. Could you provide a little more explanation on the above, teaching a man how to fish and all that...
  21. I can search T.[Publisher] = "Marvel", or I can search I.[ItemType] = "Anl", but not the two together with an AND.
  22. Not sure if this is Tech Support question or Feature Request... Looking to search for Marvel Annuals from 1993. Advanced find doesn't include Publisher field?
  23. CS = Collector's Set, 144 issues SC = Special Cover, 617 issues I think there are some incorrect assignments of Special Covers as Collector's Sets (all are given in the original, I think incorrect, assignments) It's a completely different question of whether these really should be Special Covers instead of Regular Issues, or Variation A, or something else. Some curation might be useful. As some examples: Action Comics #687/CS Adventures of Superman #500/CS Avengelyne, Bad Blood #1/CS & #2/CS Batman #500/CS (note says Collector's Set, not sure if it really is)
  24. Between the new version and having several year's worth of comics to merge into my main storage, I'm doing a complete issue-by-issue walk-through of my collection. Because I have separated my scans from the official scans, I can walk through the new system's database visually comparing every issue to the official scan and can tell when they don't match. I've found several instances so far (about 10% through) where I've had the wrong variant, or in one case, the wrong series, assigned for a book. If I had been placing my scans in CB's directory, I would have had a problem; since I don't, I could notice and correct it.
  25. 1) What if I misidentify my issue's variation? 2) Prevents my scan from being overwritten if, say, I replace a promo scan with a panorama wraparound scan, but the initial official is larger but not panorama.
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