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  1. Still three and three and not six and none.
  2. My original observation that the name incorrectly reads "Gimly's" instead of "Grimly's" is still incorrect.
  3. any updates on Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker Miguel Mercado covers?
  4. Still found 480 returns, so it looks like no changes made to these titles yet
  5. Probably goin to be told that there are too many issues up for sale, but feel I must point out there are a lot of titles that start "Walt Disney's" that under the Comicbase style of title naming should rightly have post-fixed "(Walt Disney's ...)" instead. There are 7 titles with this as a post-fix.
  6. 10/A no longer has that description. Thanks.
  7. I think I submitted Item Title of "Inhumans vs, X-Men" for all the issues in the whole series. Would still like a confirmation that it is appropriate to give this Item Title to the virgin variant 1/M, which has no title on the cover scan.
  8. Still listed as "WildC.A.Ts. (6th Series)" And "Absolute WildC.A.T.S. by Jim Lee" And several other titles with acceptable punctuation, but capitalized plural 'S'.
  9. poking, but this will probably fold into my consolidated Ptych report posting
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