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  1. Is there a way for the screensaver to be aware that Rebuild Pictures is taking place, so that it can avoid attempting to access the database and interfering with the process?
  2. In the words of Douglas Adams, "We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can't cope with is therefore your own problem." 1) Could you please describe the form your problem is taking? 2) Consider the usual generic suggestions - restart your PC, upgrade to the newest release (, clear the %temp% folder, check your firewall/antivirus settings.
  3. #1/I is, I assume, the Faded Misprint variant of #1/J, which does not appear to be faded. Is there a better wording for these two variants?
  4. Notes containing "1 in" 199 Notes contain "1:" 172 ItemDescription contains "1 in " 91 ItemDescription contains "1:" 1707 In some cases (I assume preferrably) this is included with "Retailer Incentive" or the like. In some cases this includes additional, inconsistent wording.
  5. Trying to get a consensus on a consistent, information-dense nomenclature... technically, I think it should be 'polyptych', but that has an unfortunate spelling... My preferences, in order "x of diptych", "x of triptych", " x of n-ptych" or "x of n polytych" (4 or more) "x of diptych covers", "x of triptych covers", "x of n-ptych covers" or "x of n polytych covers" (4 or more) "x of n connecting covers" for all. If we're just going with a generic form for all quantities, why use the unusual word.
  6. -ptych, plate, so diptych, triptych as in two plate or three plate... diptych, triptych, tetraptych, pentaptych, hexaptych, heptaptych, octaptych, nonaptych, decaptych. Had to look closer at Earth X (I had laid them out), and boy, are those crossovers from the top 7 to the bottom 7 subtle. But they're there. A tetradecaptych in all its glory.
  7. Connected in a grid.... Detective Comics #1050/C-F, Connecting Legacy four-part in a gird...
  8. diptych, triptych... Are we accepting of longer terms, like heptatych for Earth-X? Or should we used "Connecting Cover" for over three? I just found several (well four times several) reference to a quadtych. (Which, technically, should probably be tetratych) And Quadriptych. -tych does make for a decently unique search term... (Well, excepting that there is a Marvel character named Triptych, apparently), and the resultant term is shorter than "connecting cover x/4" Is triptych specific enough to not need to mention "cover", or should it be "triptych covers"? #1 in triptych with #7/A - #7/C #2 in 'hexatych with #666 - #666/E #3 in "X-Men Mojoverse Triptych"
  9. Forgot to hit send on the above a couple of hours ago. Related titles doesn't mean short titles. I just figured naming the connecting cover would be shorter than listing 3, 4, 5 different titles with issue numbers.
  10. Just found Earth X, where it looks like 0-6 and 7-X each make separate 7-issue connected covers.
  11. Take Batman #467 - #469. And Archie #666 - #666/E. And Robyn Hood: Vigilante #4/E - #4/F Connecting Covers. Usually horizontal, sometimes vertical, possibly in a grid? (have there been any?). Sometimes separate issues without variants, sometimes only certain variants. Sometimes all in the same Title, sometimes runs across separate titles. Ideally, each entry should contain sufficient information to identify: number of covers this item's sequence number all the items involved either simply listing the variants or issues if in the same title providing a unique, descriptive searchable name to the resulting image I think that this information should all be in the ItemDescription field.
  12. Cover scan is uncropped from the full scanner plate. Don't know if my edit would be accepted.
  13. 277 Notes with CoA 72 ItemDescription with COA Not all are short for Certificate of Authenticity (East Coast, West Coast, Wizards of the Coast...), but, those which are, I'm submitting rewrites.
  14. [sarcasm] Ohhhhh, and ComicBase allllways matches publisher variant identifications... [\sarcasm]
  15. Might make it clearer going forward, and/or clearer for new users...
  16. I'm not sure what I had been looking at. It's there now. weird.
  17. What happened to this item? Was one of many where I corrected a mismatch in the "Circulation" field vs. what was written in the "Notes" field. Adjustments were accepted everywhere except this item, which appears to have been completely removed? The cover scan, a woman in Arabian garb with a scimitar, had printed in the upper right corner "Robyn Hood: The Hunt #6" "Webstore only exclusive" "Limited to 150"
  18. Why? Isn't this a piece of information that obviously is related to every other piece of information that is in the Item Description field?
  19. Crashed at the same point. First dialog says: database locked database locked when updating picture information for Robbedoes 1682 Second dialog says: Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. Value of '2375' is not valid for 'Value'. 'Value' should be between 'minimum' and 'maximum'. Parameter name: Value I believe this is the same title, but possibly a different issue (it is a different number being complained about) as when this happened before. Quit and reran - finished this time, third try and all that. Cover downloads were a lot faster this time, several a second.
  20. Quit from, relaunched, reran update... Currently downloading 52/3,485 new covers.
  21. I walked away at the point it was 1k into downloading 7k some comic covers. I came back to an error. I don't have the actual initial error message, I didn't write it down. Something about database being locked updating a cover image in the R's. underlying error popup for Microsoft .NET Framework talks about Unhandled exception, Value '5588' is not valid for 'Value'.
  22. Can you check an issue or two that were changed against whether those issues had any information updated in that update from the log file?
  23. Tell the truth... did you hold off the weekly update until the item count crossed 1M?
  24. Am I misinterpreting? I thought that Item Description was for things that were different variant to variant, and that Notes was for things that were consistent across variants... So, when a variant is a "Shanda the Panda Variant Cover by Joe 'Shang' Smith Limited to 1,000", the linked information about the variant cover, theme, artist, circulation and limited status should be split across Item Description and Notes and not all in one field? (Of course, Cover Artist and Circulation should rightly be in their own fields, and the act of labeling as "Shanda the Panda Cover" makes "Variant" slightly redundant but understandable as a search term)
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