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  1. Topic re-re-request, too late for tonight's show... I would like to see what the process of new data submission looks like from their point of view, with examples/screencaps/video... What info does or doesn't get sent? What does a CB editor see when looking at a wholly new entry? What steps do they do when processing a new entry before committing it into the master database? What does a CB editor see when looking at an updated submission? Do they only see the old/new field side-by-side, is the specific change highlighted? Updates are probably continually processed, but do they process submissions as single events, or do the look at things in batches? I know I tend to submit similar updates in a batch... do they look at batch submissions to speed up common corrections? I'd imagine for newly entered issues, they get multiple submissions with the same type of info, do they process some updates all for the same issue at once? Would also be interested to see the steps taken at the weekly level when preparing the weekly update.
  2. Thank you. Was just looking for the feedback of "it's on the list" vs. "it's fine , nothing to see here".
  3. Primarily was wondering if there was any intention to do anything... I understand there would be scheduling, development, testing if so, just didn't know if the programming team had mentioned anything back.
  4. I feel better about this then. I just always pictured that when I do a "submit update", the entire database entry is sent, changes and constants.
  5. Just submitted m first round of updates identifying connected covers in the Item Description field, mostly Ptych covers, but some twin and overlapping covers, too. This update identifies 1,389 issues across 410 separate sets, including both the individual covers and the full image covers that I found. I will post the collected oddities for this round (sets with unidentified pieces, sets with inconsistent Cover Artist attributions, etc.) after they get accepted, as it will be easier for others to help when the set identifications are available to all. There are still Notes and Item Descriptions that include notations that may or may not be identifying additional cover sets; I decided to process what I had and submit before continuing.
  6. 1) While it is possible, these issues are otherwise random. Do people (other than me) really submit updates on many random issues? 2) If that is what is happening, it is disappointing that editorial does not notice these incorrect entries getting let in. Ah well, it just adds more free submission points to my total.
  7. Some changed, some not. 13 still need fixing... full scanner bed, flipbooks that aren't flipped, other Amazing Spider-Man, The (5th Series) 27/A Avengelyne (Vol. 2) 2 Avengers (5th Series) 24.1/B Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (2nd Series) 1/J Miles Morales: Spider-Man 39/A New Mutants (4th Series) 27/A Once and Future Tarzan, The 1 Star Wars: Life Day 1/C Star Wars: The Mandalorian 4/F Sword of Azrael 1/C Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality 1/G Venom (5th Series) 2/G Venomverse 2/B
  8. Item Description blanked now, Circulation submitted as 15
  9. Still three and three and not six and none.
  10. My original observation that the name incorrectly reads "Gimly's" instead of "Grimly's" is still incorrect.
  11. any updates on Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker Miguel Mercado covers?
  12. Still found 480 returns, so it looks like no changes made to these titles yet
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