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  1. Will be an unidentified piece of the Z-Rated 5-ptych with my first-round Ptych submissions.
  2. Wrong scan still exists. Would be nice to get a verified correct scan, but at minimum the wrong scan should be removed.
  3. I generally don't make additions of issues that I don't actually own, preferring to raise questions. Anyone else willing to add these additional issues? My interest is in the current 1/F issue, which currently has an Item Description indicating it is a connecting cover, but I have no idea what it connects to...
  4. Entering as 2 separate diptychs with my first-round Ptych submissions.
  5. Rephrasing my question/suggestion Moon Knight Annual title should remain as entered, but the issues #1, 1/A and 1/B should be reidentified as Anl 1, Anl 1/A and Anl 1/B. She-Hulk Annual title should remain as entered, but the issues #1 and 1/A should be reidentified as Anl 1 and Anl 1/A. Wolverine Annual title should remain as entered, but the issues #1 and 1/A should be reidentified as Anl 1 and Anl 1/A. There are other instances of Titles with "Annual" in their title where the included issues might also be better classified as Annuals rather than Regular issues.
  6. Marking this as a 4-ptych with my first-round Ptych reporting submissions
  7. A few more have been added... Poking this topic back to the top as a reminder to myself to touch these soon
  8. No response to these question examples for proper use of the Item Title field... My understanding, it should be used to represent the full printed on the cover information when it differs from the proper title. 1) Instances where the cover includes both the proper Title and a subtitle, should the Item Title be the subtitle only, or the full Title and subtitle? (ex. Hellblazer #Bk 1 cover reads "Hellblazer Original Sins") I vote for the full apparent title (Title + subtitle) as printed on the cover. 1a) Instances where the cover includes both the proper Title and a subtitle, should the Item Title be the subtitle followed by the proper Title? (ex. Tales from the Wedding Present #Bk 1) I vote for the full apparent title (Title + subtitle) as printed on the cover. 2) Instances where the full proper Title includes a subtitle, should there be an Item Title for the subtitle only? (ex. Spooky & Strange Tales: Monster Inn #1/HC) I vote for no Item Title for a subtitle only, as that does not represent what is completely printed on the cover.
  9. That can tell you what the 'first' variant is, but it sounds like that either is not reliably the regular cover when one exists, and/or there are issues that just aren't getting regular covers... and it's getting hard to tell when either is the case...
  10. Is there a way to do a cover submission without sending up database information? If not, would there be a technical problem with adding this? 1) For occasions where I'm submitting a new/modified cover, but haven't made any information changes in the database. 2) I scan my purchases. It would be useful to select my newly scanned entries and perform a "submit covers only if new/larger" and not submit unchanged data for all the issues just to submit one new cover scan.
  11. Avengers & X-Men: Axis 1/K Rocket Raccoon (2nd Series) 4/D Amazing Spider-Man, The (3rd Series) 7/F Fantastic Four (5th Series) Anl 1/A Landscape covers with scans in portrait - need rotations, please.
  12. Landscape covers shown in portrait need rotation.
  13. Cover scan shows full scanner bed, needs crop
  14. Wrong cover scan - should be a trade dress version of 1/P, is instead a copy of 1/V.
  15. There are several instances where a comic has a blank cover (usually with title) and a blank back (usually with nothing on the back) that has been submitted as a wraparound image. Yes, the front and back make a seamless image, but when the seamless image is a blank canvas, does that qualify for receiving a wraparound cover scan? There are an even fewer number where the covers are a solid non-white color. Should these qualify for a wraparound scan? Sorry, don't have an example at the moment...
  16. Wandered through looking at larger scans, and I tagged the following for improper scans that will be smaller when corrected. Most of them are improper wraparound covers that need cropping to a single panel - they have a cover image a a Title on the back. A couple look like they were submitted from a solicitation and show multiple variant covers in a single image. One or two are scans of a whole scanner bed that should be cropped. Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales 1/E Age of X-Man: Apocalypse & the X-Tracts 1/A Age of X-Man: Nextgen 1/C Age of X-Man: Prisoner X 1/A Age of X-Man: X-Tremists 1/C Amazing Spider-Man, The (5th Series) 27/A Amazing Spider-Man, The (5th Series) 88/D Avengelyne (Vol. 2) 2 Avengers (5th Series) 24.1/B Avengers (8th Series) 64/E Batman/Catwoman 1/O Batman: Fear State: Alpha 1/C Black Cat (Marvel, 2nd Series) 7/C DC 2000 (Abril) 19 Docteur Strange (Arédit) 1/HC Doctor Strange (5th Series) 6/C Fantastic Four (6th Series) 1/V54 Fantastic Four (6th Series) 35/E Fantastic Four (6th Series) 35/F Fantastic Four (6th Series) 35/G Gamma Hulk (Arédit) 15/HC Gold Goblin 1/E Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland 17/F Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland: Asylum 2/D House of X 5/D Immoral X-Men 1/E King in Black 3/F Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (2nd Series) 1/F Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (2nd Series) 1/G Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (2nd Series) 1/H Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (2nd Series) 1/J Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (2nd Series) 1/K Miles Morales: Spider-Man 39/A Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2nd Series) 1/J New Mutants (4th Series) 27/A Nightcrawlers (Marvel) 1/D Once and Future Tarzan, The 1 Shahrazad 0/A Shahrazad 1/F Shahrazad 3/E Star Wars (3rd Series) 25/I Star Wars: Life Day 1/C Star Wars: The Mandalorian 4/F Sword of Azrael 1/C Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality 1/G Thor (6th Series) 25/H Ultimate Spider-Man 1/L Una 6 Ursa Minor 1/C Ursa Minor 1/D Ursa Minor 2/C Venom (5th Series) 2/G Venomverse 1/E Venomverse 2/B Web of Venom: Carnage Born 1/B White Widow 2/V White Widow 3/O White Widow 4/T White Widow 5/Q White Widow 5/V X-23 (4th Series) 5/A X-Men (6th Series) 12/A X-Men (6th Series) 15/B X-Men (6th Series) 16/B X-Men (6th Series) 19/C X-Men: Hellfire Gala (2nd Series) 1/C X-Men: Legacy 223/A X-Men: Legends (2nd Series) 4/B
  17. Was searching for wide covers and accidentally flipped my ratio and found tall covers instead (was going to do them eventually...) While wide covers resize the thumbnail to show the full width, making the image tiny (click to see full screen) but representing the full image, tall covers have a thumbnail that crops the middle of the image (still click to see full screen) and does not represent the full image. For examples, see CBO #3 and 4
  18. Cover scans that aren't flat scans of the cover, but rather 3-D images of books. For example, X-Men (2nd Series) Bk 5/A. Are these acceptable in a pinch, but should be replaced by flat scans of any size? Are they acceptable to an equivalent-sized flat scan? Or should they be cleansed from the world with holy fire?
  19. Clarification. As was my semi-typical, I had mis-typed the title. The two issues in question that had dual notes for me were 1/Hand 1/I, and not 1/F. both 1/H and 1/I had singular 300 notes on AtomicAvenue, and it was 1/H and 1/I that I submitted, both as 300. I had not touched 1/F and so should remain 350.
  20. Okay, it appears my fingers were partially wrong and partially right... For me, the Notes for 1/H read "Limited to 350; Limited to 300; Includes Certificate of Authenticity" and the notes for 1/I read "Limited to 350; Limited to 300; Includes Certificate of Authenticity" Looking on AtomicAvenue, both only have the 300 number. Filling in as circulation and submitting.
  21. Item Description or Notes fields with "limited to" "edition size" "numbered to" "approx" "printed" "of" "copies" "print run" but no entry in the Circulation field. 1,024 items with numbers copied to Circulation field, submitted.
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