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  1. Notes includes "Print run 1,500-2,000 copies". Is there a singular value?
  2. Item Description states "limited edition of 14", Notes states "Limited to #15". Which one is right?
  3. Notes both have conflicting Limited edition sizes, 350 and 300. Any idea which is correct?
  4. Thank you. Looking closer, 6/B does connect to 5/B, not WotR:New Agents of Atlas 1/B. I had put too much trust in the fandom wiki image of the map, which located Muspelheim above the roots, and thus I thought the tree-part on the top of the 6/B cover was a continuation of the branch on Atlas 1/B. A closer look at the two covers shows that the map has been drawn differently, Muspelheim in this presentation is being drawn under the roots, and the tree-part on the top of the 6/B cover is a continuation of the roots on 5/B. Regardless of this cover's positioning, we're all in agreement that this is still a 10-ptych, despite it not forming a complete rectangular collage, yes?
  5. My assessment is, yes. Past connecting images haven't always exactly matched up at the edges, there are sometimes small gaps between the images. The background is definitely a single image; I provided a link to a site with a version of that image. This appears to be the first connected image I know of that doesn't make a solid rectangle.
  6. I run a secondary monitor with my laptop. When I run ComicBase on the secondary monitor, popup windows and status messages appear centered on the primary window, blocking what's on the other monitor and requiring me to move my mouse back and forth between monitors. It would be nice if they would show up on the monitor that is currently showing the main window.
  7. Haven't found one (well three) yet... Also, haven't submitted any yet... I think another week before I'm happy with my current efforts. Whatever we wish to call them, discovering and separately labeling them from the ptychs that they aren't is a useful task. Can always do a search for 'twin cover' and resubmit with a different wording.
  8. House of X #1/Q now deleted. So, is there a diptych cover to match with Powers of X #1/Q?
  9. Updated scans for Magic: Master of Metal issues. Thank you. However, by revealing 1/C is a virgin variant of 1/A, this now begs the question on the covers of the other 4 issues of the 5-ptych that brought this to my attention in the first place, Miguel Mercado covers of issues 1-4 of Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker.
  10. Well.... On the plus side, "House of Secrets (2nd Series)" has capitalized Series on the Title title now. Thanks. On the minus side, I searched for INSTR(I.Title, ' series') > 0 and found 1,761 rows (issues, not titles) where you had found 1,572, so it went up... On the, minus side?, several of those I found were "House of Secrets (2nd series)", showing that the search was for the more hidden duplicated issue-by-issue title field and not the primary one-per-title Title field. Searched for INSTR(ComicTitles.Title, ' series') > 0 and found 480 returns. Astonishing Spider-Man, The (3rd series) Astonishing Spider-Man, The (4th series) Atom-Age Combat (2nd series) Attack (1st series) Attack (2nd series) Batgirl (3rd series) Don Winslow of the Navy (1st series) Empty Love Stories (2nd series) Empty Zone (2nd series) Fantastic Four (Juniorpress, 2nd series) Fear Diaries (2nd series) Felix the Cat (1st series) Felix the Cat (2nd series) Giant Size Spider-Man (2nd series) Giant Size Spider-Man (3rd series) House of Java (2nd series) Hugo (3rd series) Joe Palooka (1st series) Juan Centella (2nd series) Juggernaut, The (2nd series) Katy Keene (1st series) Little Lizzie (2nd series) Maxwell Mouse Follies (2nd series) Superman in the Fifties (2nd series) Terror, Inc. (2nd series) Universo DC (1st series) Universo DC (2nd series) Universo DC (3rd series) Western Gunfighters (1st series)
  11. Had resubmitted, looks like there have been changes... Out of my 50 or so, I guess these didn't meet standards for being reversed Anna Malle's Dirty Deeds Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders (Magazine Enterprises) 3 assorted that start with Bru-Hed's 3 publisher's forms of Captain Billy's Whiz Bang Frank Miller's Sin City: The Making of the Movie James Lloyd's Other Stuff Paul Terry's Comics Many "Walt Disney's" titles (as opposed to "Disney's") Will Eisner's Quarterly Woron's Worlds
  12. In rearranging the order of the possessive in this title, Ronald has changed to Ronalda...
  13. In rearranging the order of the possessive in the Comicbook entry, it now appears this is dual listed in both Comics and Magazines.
  14. In rearranging the possessive on this title, Mr. Grimly lost an 'r' from his name...
  15. Poking this thread to remind me to look through these issues for 'twin covers'.
  16. I guess the distinction is that the Magazine, Youth, was not wholly Schulz's, yes?
  17. Because I like the thought of having things built-in to the program as opposed to having to work around the outside of the system. Because if it did get implemented, it would be simpler to submit on the trusted user end, and I presume simpler to process on ComicBase's end, and would have less room for errors. I have no idea how many e-mails they receive with outside-the-flow submissions, and if they come mainly form the same people or not. It might be that there is utility to adding the feature in a way that it doesn't cause problems with the general user, and that this form of implementation hadn't been considered. It's a suggestion. I make lots of them. They're not all winners. Yes, it would take some work. A lot, I don't know. The submission code is already there, with a check on image size; I don't know that it would take all that much to add a popup for override gated by a programable setting.
  18. If the problem is that the general public would misuse the feature, then make it a feature that's not available to all users.
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