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  1. Is there a way through the CB software to submit JUST a cover correction? I love the simplicity of filling in missing creator information, adding a cover image where there is none, and submitting it all with a couple of clicks of the mouse. However, if I am simply correcting a cover image (example: submitting a 1970s Gold Key cover for an issue where the Whitman edition is showing for the standard cover), the only way to get the CB software to send the image appears to be if the corrected image is larger than the current image on file. In most cases, this works out fine, as I can just scan the corrected cover image at a higher resolution. But there are some instances where the image on file must be huge (I am an Archive user, so may not be able to download the highest-res images that the 4k users get), because I cannot get the software to upload the corrected image through the "Submit New or Corrected Data" option. I could always send an e-mail with corrected images attached, but it would seem more straightforward (and might save the corrections team time? I don't know how that workflow operates, which might in itself be an interesting topic for Pete's livestream) if there were a simple "Submit New/Corrected Cover" option just below the "Submit New or Corrected Data" that would allow cover corrections to be uploaded on their own, regardless of whether any other data corrections are being made, or whether the corrected image is larger than the one on file. While I'm thinking of it, is there a way to see what the maximum resolution of the master database image on file is? Most of the Archive Edition cover images appear to be resized to be around 1000 pixels in height at most. There are times when I'm entering new comics that it would be relatively easy for me to scan and provide a 300 dpi cover to send and upgrade the master database image, but don't necessarily need a larger scan for my own purposes. If the image size that comes with my Archive Edition is only 500 pixels in height, it's obvious that a larger scan would benefit everyone, and is therefore worth the effort to scan and submit a higher-resolution cover image. If the master database already has a super-high-res image though, and I don't necessarily need one myself, I'd rather spend my time hunting other missing information or covers rather than duplicating efforts. Thanks!
  2. Am I correct that this is just the bare weight of the comic or book? Or is there some additional packaging estimate to get to a true shipping weight that should be added? And should I round up to the next even ounce? I rarely fill this in, but occasionally do when a book or comic is abnormally heavy so that sellers don't get hosed on shipping cost. I don't want to cause buyers to overpay either though by entering the wrong value. Than ks!
  3. The 3-issue series "Gantz: G" is currently showing as Bk 1, Bk 2 and Bk 3 under the "Gantz" title, but should have its own separate title. This is a separate story with different content, not a collection of any of the preceding Gantz issues or content.
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