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  1. Ok, it's done. The rebuild alone didn't work. I put delete the old file, put the new file in and then try to look at the pic and mysteriously the old pic returned. I moved the pictures file to my desktop, downloaded the pic again and went back into the file and replaced it. I went to another title and cam back. My new pic remained in place until I selected the book then it gave me the preliminary art again. The only way I have been able to keep the correct pic is to disconnect from wi-fi. No matter what I do, CB goes back to the Preliminary Art.
  2. #1-E should be 76194137376800191 #1-F should be 76194137376800122 It looks like you have a new variant though!
  3. So if removing a bag makes a book a variant, does a CGC slab also make a variant? I've argued against it many times but they keep coming up in CB. I am aware of only two books where CGC was actually what made a book a variant. Antoine Sharp: The Atheist #1-A was only released as a CGC Signature Series book and was limited to 23 copies signed by Phil Hester. It was marketed in Previews like any other book but the sketch cover was only available signed and graded. Unfortunately, CB knocked my note about that part out. The other one is All-Star Batman #1. All-Star Batman is slightly different in that the book was available ungraded but the publisher, DC Comics, had some graded and they received a special CGC label with Batman on it and a note about "D.C. Certified." They were done as a "thank you" to retailers for supporting the release of the book.
  4. Up to 68%! I'm hoping to play around long enough to let it finish tonight.
  5. More often than not, the "Cover Artist" field is blank or incorrect. Not sure why, but it seems that the "Notes" field would get all of the information and the "Cover Artist" field was empty. Having the info in the "Item Description" is redundant but redundancy is a good thing.
  6. I completely missed the "Power Records" logo, my eyes went straight to the big blue banner across the top. I think I remember that Peter Pan took over but I don't know why. I think I had a couple of these too but I can't elaborate more as I honestly don't remember. I like the "Book and Record" designation more now, we can keep them all together under both Power Records and Peter Pan.
  7. 😈 I'm hoping to manipulate the market and dump my copies! Go big or go home! 😈
  8. I'm lost too. My computer is set to not sleep and only go to a screen saver so that any process running can continue. It's never been an issue before, but as I sit here surfing around, it's now up to 32%. Again, never an issue before but clearly some energy/screen saving function is at work here.
  9. I like the idea of CB automatically changing the category. I may be over (or under) thinking it, but changing categories is a bit of a headache. I typically have to rename the original category's entry to keep track of which is moving. It seems like they move when I look them up, with the most recent usually being higher on the list.
  10. Not sure how to handle the pics, but I feel like "issued in/with polybag" and then list any additional contents works fine. The grading notes idea works in my mind, so that we can each list the stated of the bag and/or presence of contents would be up to the individual user.
  11. Agreed, but I prefer the "Book and Record Set" designation. My rationale is that it actually appears on the cover, making it easier for newbs to find.
  12. While I respect the OP's desire to remove clutter, I'm big on keeping the cover artist in the Item Description. It's generally the only way to figure out the covers and make sure they get the correct pics.
  13. I encountered problems when I tried to enter the Bumper Compendium Editions. My thinking was exactly what happened, the entire series was collected into books as well as the Bumper Compendiums creating problems when trying to index them. The yellow covers are the "Bumper Compendium Editions" and the first one collects issues #1 and 2 and says as much on the cover. The second collects issues #3 and 4 and says so on the cover as well. The pictures for Bk 1, Bk 1-2, and Bk 1-4 are all incorrect and the prices on the cover of those books is $5.95, not $14.95 listed. My intent was to list the Bumper Compendiums as their own book, leaving room in the main title for the inevitable books collecting the entire series. It's been a long time, but I believe the first three issues came out pretty close to on time. The fourth was a little late and the final two issues were really late, so the publisher did the Bumpers to put the name back out there and allow new readers a good jumping on point and to get suckers like me to rebuy the stuff I had thinking is was new material. It looks like the collector's sets are the Bumper Compendium Editions. I'm not sure where the 9th printing come from, but the Books actually go up to the 8th printing so it's most likely it should be a Bk instead of a CS. Essentially, remove the pics of predominately yellow covers from the Bk category and put them into the CS group. Unfortunately, I have never picked up any of the fully collected series in book form, so I don't know much about them.
  14. Is 28 hours too long to wait on the Rebuild Pictures File List? I'm at 12% now. I know I have done this before but I'm sure it was more in the 4-6 hour range.
  15. I have spent quite awhile now trying to change the pic for Plunge #1-A. I went through the normal process of deleting the pic that was there and drug the new pic into CB. It didn't work, as when I clicked the thumbnail, the thumbnail returned to the Preliminary Artwork as did the full sized pic. I deleted the Preliminary Artwork pic, deleted the thumbnail and put in the new pic. This time, I opened the Picture File and placed the new pic directly into it with the correct name. I closed the file and changed to a different title then returned to Plunge. The original Preliminary Artwork returned. After several attempts, the thumbnail finally changed but no matter what I do, the full size pic goes back to the Preliminary Artwork. The Preliminary Artwork is 505 x 752 and 70.5 KB, my new pic is 900 x 1411 and 157 KB, and both are jpg files. I tried to change my update settings but couldn't. I came up with the idea to change the setting in Sidekick which I was able to do but it still didn't change the outcome of my efforts to change the picture. I exited CB, confirmed the changes in SK and reopened CB. My new thumbnail was there but the full pic had returned to the Preliminary Artwork. Any ideas? The new pic is below.
  16. Blade Runner 2019 #4-C has the wrong pic, the full color cover was never released. The correct cover is below.
  17. I don't know if this is a Tech Support topic or a Feature Suggestions topic. CB sends wanted books to Atomic Avenue where a want list is created. I have several books on my AA want list that are not currently marked in CB. It's not that they were randomly added, they were in my CB want list in the past but have mysteriously vanished now. Aside from marking each issue as "Wanted" again, is there a way to import the want list from AA to CB?
  18. Pete and I worked on it and got it fixed with the new build.
  19. Yes, that is the correct build and no, resetting preferences didn't do anything.
  20. Since when? Most signed books (not comics) don't include COAs, the authenticity is implied in the limitation. Collected comics editions have been released without COAs for decades and are included in the system. Mage Bk 1/LE-Bk 3/LE, American Flagg Bk 1/LE-Bk 3/LE, The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book HC/LE, The Silent Invasion Bk 1/LE-Bk 4/LE, Moonshadow Bk 1/LE, Feldstein: The Mad Life and Fantastic Art of Al Feldstein! HC/LE, The Art of the Star Wars Galaxy, and Sin City (Dark Horse) 1/LE are off the top of my head.
  21. I also forgot to mention that to get to "Quick Change," you will need to right click on one of the issues that you have selected. (I'm not trying to spam, but after my first edit, I can't seem to edit anymore)
  22. I forgot to emphasize where you need to click to select in the first pics.
  23. I'm not entirely sure I understand the question, but you can select issues by selecting them on the far left column on a series. Just like submitting information, when you click that column, it turns the entire line blue. You can either select one (e.g. #7) and then scroll to the last issue of the run you want to select (say, issue #44) and hold the shift key then select issue #44. It will select issues 7-44 and all will turn blue. From there, you can do a "Quick Change" on any field. Just remember that whatever you're changing will apply to all issues you have selected. If you need to select several issues but they are not in sequence (e.g. #7, #16, #22, and #48) hold the CTRL key down and select each issue you need, then go to "Quick Change" and make your changes.
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