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  1. I'm sorry if I've missed this discussion, but are there no art credits on magazines under the Magazine category? Some of these have some great covers by regular artists that aren't seen anywhere else, particularly the on the fanzines. I've bounced between Magazines and Comics repeatedly and shut down and restarted but there is nothing listed under magazines to the right of "writer." I would think editor would be an important field in magazines as well.
  2. I've noticed the same problem. I'm guessing somewhere between 30 and 50 contributions without an update to my points. It's hard to be sure because I just assumed that they were waiting to be approved.
  3. Found another one, Shazam #10 (4th Series) had preliminary art for Teen Titans Go! (2nd Series) #36
  4. I'm having a similar problem with Sidekick. I begins with the arrow in the circle, makes it about 75% around and freezes. Nothing else happens until I get the message that the program is not responding and I shut it down. I've done this three times now, same each time.
  5. Following the latest update, these are all still Preliminary Covers. All of the Basketful of Heads covers are Preliminary except #3. Fantastici Quattro (Edizioni Star) #16 is the cover for Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #244 with Italian trade dress. You're saying yours don't have "Preliminary Cover" down the left side? Beyond that, they are slightly different covers, with different ones missing different things like UPC codes, price boxes, credits, and such. Fantastic Four (6th Series) #16 on Atomic Avenue has the Preliminary Cover as the thumbnail but the correct cover in the listing for the book.
  6. Here's a few... Basketful of Heads #1 Berserker Unbound #3B & 4A Black Hammer 3 for $1 Black Hammer/Justice League #5B Captain America (9th Series) #16 Chrononauts: Futureshock #1C, 2A, 3A, and 4A DCeased #6A Doctor Doom #2 Fantastic Four (6th Series) #16 (not listed as Preliminary Artwork but lacks trade dress and title is shifted left on actual book) Fight Club 3 #10B Gideon Falls #18A Hazel and Cha Cha Save Christmas #1A & 1B The Infected: King Shazam #1 Manor Black #3A & 4 X-Man (5trh Series) #2
  7. I've been noticing a ton of preliminary artwork being downloaded despite having "Don't download preliminary artwork" checked. I would say about 50% of my newest additions to my inventory last week are showing preliminary artwork. Is the checkbox working for others? Is there something I can do to correct it? On the same topic, once final art is released does CB replace the preliminary?
  8. I can't resize the window enough to tell that I have made a change. Maybe a millimeter or two?
  9. The latest version fixed it. Sorry it took a couple of days!
  10. I had a similar problem with reading the tables or some such. As I recall, I uninstalled CB, downloaded the file again and installed the new file to fix it. I'm not 100% certain that was my fix but I think it was.
  11. I was using my CDs to install pictures and movies. Disc 1 worked like a champ, no problem. Since then, they simply don't load. CB recognizes the disc and offers to import but then does nothing. I have directed it to the proper file and still nothing happens. I have restarted CB and my computer with no changes. I copied the compressed files to the desktop with no luck so I unzipped them and still nothing changed. It's like it worked once and never again. Any ideas?
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