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  1. @Gregory Hecht The only way I could add my versions of Books 4-7 and have the proper cover scans, UPC, and ISBN was to create "A" variants. If I tried to update current entries, then my cover scans were overwritten by the system with other ones. Hopefully, you'll see my data and be able to sort it all out.
  2. I didn't realize that Marvel decided to continue the trade numbers over the original and 2nd series. I assumed they started the numbers over again. What I listed as #1 is issues 1-6 for the 2nd series, #2 is issues 7-13, #3 is issues 13-18, #4 is 19-24. I don't think I deleted any entries, just added the above so I should be able to adjust and upload the cover images.
  3. Above books/trade compilations need some serious cleanup. I had to add trades 1-3 and it took me four tries to correct the photo for trade 4 (kept replacing it with the wrong image). There also seem to be trades linked to other Runaway series included in this one. Thanks.
  4. Thanks! When I tried a Google search and then looked at online retailers and eBay, I didn't see any clues. I'll try to bookmark the site you mentioned.
  5. I preordered it via DCBS so I was going off of the DC Connect description when it was solicited 4 (?) months ago.
  6. I noticed my copy of this variant is a "double cover": the Cardstock variant by Steve Epting is stapled over the regular Cover A by Gavin Guidry and Jordie Bellaire. Can anyone confirm if this is normal for the print run or if it's unique? If it's unique, any suggestions on how I should enter it? Thanks!
  7. Respectfully disagree. El Dorado is a PLACE NAME. So you're telling me that by this convention, a comic book names after the city of Los Angeles, would be listed under "Angeles, Los"? See attached screen shot when I searched for "El Dorado" on IMDB. Notice they're not moving "El" to the end.
  8. Is there a reason why "El Dorado" is listed as "Dorado, El" in the database? The comic is referencing both a movie and a place-name, El Dorado. Wouldn't this be an exception to the rule of putting definite articles at the end of a title? The only way I could pull it up was by looking for the publisher. Thanks!
  9. Thank you, Mark! I've made the entry and submitted it for review.
  10. Hello! I noticed there's already an entry for Devil in the Lake, but the only ones listed are issue #1 variants from various conventions. What about the Kickstarter version, which is a combination of issues #1 & 2 and has its own listing of variants A - H? Does it get its own entry or would it be under the one that's already there. Attached is a photo of Cover A for this version. Thank you!
  11. Little Red Wolf was reprinted by Oni Press this year as a softcover edition. I added it to the entry with the Hardback version and designated the softcover as "Bk 1" and submitted for review. Just realized that the Hardcover was actually under the Lion Forge imprint of Oni. I updated the publisher tonight for the soft cover as well as publication year. Will that help get it recognized?
  12. When you say <first name> do you mean a person's given name? And <last name> do you mean their family name? But what about those creators who have their family name first? In some countries, that's how it's done vs the family name last.
  13. Another example that comes to mind is Dennis Hopeless. He decided to use Dennis Hallum for Sea of Stars, a creator-owned series at Image. In the CB Writers Search, he comes up as Dennis Hopeless (599 entries), Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum (86 entries of which Sea of Stars shows up), and Dennis Hallum (19 entries). I think this is also a good example of needing to merge a creator's lists together. And the suggestion above is a good one to list aliases for a creator so that no matter how one searches, you find everything by that creator. Related to this, I'm glad there's been a cleanup of names to make sure they're correct. That's been one of my frustrations trying to find someone's full list when there's misspellings, etc.
  14. Thanks for researching this! This will help me better electronically catalog what I own. Physically, however, they'll all live together in numerical order because that seems a superficial difference. If there were content or advert differences, that would be a different story.
  15. That's cool if the corrections are declined. Since I have so few magazines, I deselected updates for that category to save time. I'll remember to select it on my next update.
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