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  1. Thanks, Steven! It downloaded properly once I deleted that specific .ccx file.
  2. I tried to download this week's update via both Sidekick and through CB itself. I got two different error messages and the update failed in both cases. I tried closing the programs and rebooting and got the same messages.
  3. Clarification: it looks like for that item the "Prevent Update from changing price" box is checked in the "Other" tab. But I don't remember checking that box.
  4. I'm on build and tried the suggestion mentioned by Joel in the post above. But when I ran "Collection Statistics", the Selling Price field on at least one comic hasn't changed and yet the Value keeps increasing. As far as I can see, no boxes are checked to lock the price. So why is the Selling Price not changing along with the Value?
  5. Hi Kenneth! Thanks for this additional insight. I'll do some research on the specific issues I have. Not sure if I'll be actively collecting them, but your info will help me decide if it's worth buying one to fill in a run gap.
  6. Hi Mark. Thanks! For MJIV covers, I discovered the following. Sometimes, the image for the pre-loaded regular issue is the same as my MJIV. For those instances, I made a copy and labeled it "xx-MJ". I can take a photo of mine, but then if I submit new or corrected info, you're still going to have a duplicate of the cover. A good example would be FF vol 1 issue 212 where I think it's of a Newstand rather than a Direct Edition (see attached). For others, in the "picture file" I saw a few issues that were labeled "xx-a" and yet, there is no record for a "A" variant. Example: Fantastic Four Vol 1 issue 215. The regular cover has Spider-Man's head in the bottom left corner, which I understand is a Direct Edition. The 215-a cover has a bar code in that corner as well as a few other tell-tales that indicate it's a Newstand edition and possibly an MJIV. For this issue, the image looks exactly like mine so I just relabeled the 215-a to 215-MJ (ditto attachments). Per your request, I'll upload images for my MJIV issues if they are visually different than the regular covers.
  7. Hello! I'm coming across some Mark Jeweler Insert Variants as I catalog my collection. On other forums, I've seen discussions about possible rarity. What I haven't really found are guidelines for how to adjust the price. Should I just default a standard markup or is it more like a sliding scale? For example, FF #269 MJ shows a markup of 4.00 for Near Mint vs $2.25 for the regular. But FF #274 and 275 MJ variants are $28 and $42 respectively for the same grade while their regular versions are only $3-3.50. Or are these differences based on Atomic Avenue listings? Regardless of what I do, I'm submitting these variants to CB to show that they exist. Thanks for your advice! PS - for now, I'm just duplicating the regular issue covers rather than taking photos of my copies.
  8. So I tried my hand at the "duplicate" feature and now for the original and the new entry, a MJ Variant, the font is greyed out in the grid display. When I select the row, I can see the info because the font turns white. I've attached a photo of part of the row.
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