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  1. I just found out that My Store only lists comic books and not the magazines and books I have for sale. You can find the magazines and books via the main search just not via My Store. Example: Comics Scene (a magazine) search from the main page and it will pull up Comics Scene click on issue 1 and you get what is for sale. If you then click on the seller to see what other Comics Scenes, they have for sale you get sent to My Store but no Comic Scene for sales. All items should be in My Store just to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for without going in and out. Richard (Rhobold)
  2. The notes on 583 states - Julius Schwartz autograph; Continued from Superman #423; Last pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman I have two copies of 583 and they do not have any signatures. I created Variation A because noting that they are not signed. Tried to Submit New or Corrected Data but program states cannot connect to ComicBase server. So trying this route to get the info to ComicBase.
  3. I can't update with Sidekick either. Program freeze during reading process does not even get to updating the comics/magazines/books in my database.
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