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ComicBase 2017 (and earlier) Mobile Support To End October 30th

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If you're still using a dusty old ComicBase 2017 (or earlier) version of ComicBase, you'll need to upgrade soon in order to retain remote backup and mobile support.  Human Computing will be retiring some of the antiquated interfaces used by those old versions of ComicBase at the end of the month, as part their server modernization and security update.

After October 30th, those old versions of ComicBase will no longer be able to access our cloud services, including posting items for sale to Atomic Avenue, saving to the cloud, and creating mobile reports.

If you're still using a full version of ComicBase 2017 or earlier, check your Registrations page for renewals and upgrades to the current version of ComicBase; ComicBase FREE users can simply download the latest version of that program directly.

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