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Avengers Assemble (4th Series)

Fred Slota

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Okay...  I had 1/D-2 as Krypton Comics Hammer Variant and 1/D-4 as Midtown Comics Hammer Variant.


AtomicAvenue appears to have flattened them to !/E and 1/G, at least according to the notes.


However, the picture for 1/E appears to be a holdover from the old 1/E, which is now 1/N, Heroes Convention 2012 Shop Variant Cover.  I have not tried to upload my corrected cover, presumably it wouldn't go as you currently have a full-size (but incorrect) cover.


Also, how do I know this was the old 1/E?  Because, apparently my notes field for 1/E was not updated with the rearrangements.  Any idea why it didn't change?


(Oh, I had a 1/E-4, now 1-Q, Midtown Comics Shop Variant, if that helps)

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