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Repeat New Purchases.

Fred Slota

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I can deal with it, but others should be aware.  I don't know how to push this info to them, so I'll post this here...

I add new purchases to my collection scanning with CBMobile.  I just added my this week purchases.  When I used CB to add new purchases, it reported adding more than it should have.  It appears that with the recent server hiccups, my scanned additions from last week were activated again.

When I scan and add, I add the current date into the Notes field, allowing me to do an Advanced Find to verify everything went in and help me do cover scans.  I delete these dates after I am done processing new additions.  I can search for "11/2/21" and find the issues that have been double-entered, in addition to searching for "11/10/21" for this weeks actual new purchases.

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