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"Prevent Update From Changing Prices" Inquiry

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SO really not happy with this subject...In MY COLLECTION that I have in MY COPY of Comicbase, I have worked extremely hard over the past 18 months checking the 'Prevent Update From Changing price' in MY COLLECTION when I have to change the price value of MY COMICS in MY COLLECTION for accuracy for my insurance. What is the purpose for having this option  if the recent update erases all that work. Please explain this? Has anyone else had this problem? I now have to repair those entries AGAIN. Appreciate an explanation. Thank you.

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Where are you setting 'Prevent Update From Changing Price'?

The only place I can find something like it is when you process an Update (or in SideKick).

On the Update window, you have 3 options related to this:

1a) Select 'Update Items with Current Guide Value (this should be column 2021 (value).

1b) if 1a is selected, a check box for 'Update Selling Prices to Match Guide Values' (this should be column Price).

2 ) Select 'Don't Change Existing Item Values' (should be columns 2021 (value) and Price).

When I just ran a test, 1a and 2 worked as expected on my computer

However, 1b had a problem in that it Updates the Price even if it is unchecked. (This has been fixed in 2022 coming out on Tuesday...)


If this problem just happened and you have a current backup, you should be able to get the Price values from it.

But if this has been a problem for a while, you may not have any backups that go back far enough to help.



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