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  1. Just a heads up , it's early in the stage of this is ,as I am reading The past few weeks, but newsstand and direct Edition comics are starting to get separated into different categories and value due to their distribution and rarity of the new stands Over direct edition. the news stand editions and those related variants seem to be catching the attention of collectors , especially new collectors.
  2. For the mark Jewelers issues they are in higher demand and also getting more collector attention because the mark jeweler inserts are a thicker insert which helps maintain the comic to maintain a better more desirable condition. Mark Jewelers insert comic issues were primarily distributed on a limited basis near military installations. These Comics were the same as all the other Comics except they had the mark Jewelers insert. I've checked several resources my comicshop.com I've checked eBay I've checked Comic Vine I've checked other sources in most cases Mark Jewelers have a usual $8 to $15 p
  3. As of today and for some unknown reason the last few months every time I try to get a current report to show on my mobile app ,(so I'm not buying duplicate comics) my mobile app will show that I did a update but it still reflects the old report and it hasn't changed in weeks and months I'm wondering if there's a way to go back, at my own option, if I can do the old method of tagging my Comics inventory report and then just having a tab for the report to where I can look it up without having to deal with all the troubles I've been having with the mobile app ,before the mobile app came out ,wh
  4. I tried to send the photos of the issue I am having, but, it did not send/receive on your end. I will try again later. For some reason I have a red "x" next to ComicBase, possibly a lock out problem...I did nothing to warrant that. I just downloaded the upgrade and the rest is history. sorry for the trouble, appreciate the help
  5. Having trouble with backing up to the same database of CB . this occurs every time there is a brand new version out. ALSO, Avengers (Marvel 1st series) the Annuals are not listed , at least not showing in my program. I will try to attach the photos of the issues to this message, otherwise I will call you Monday afternoon.
  6. After several assists, the CB Phone app, after updating, and saving to the server, and after assistance from Tech Support, STILL WON'T show my inventory accurately. Such as, Amazing Spider-Man 122 and Thor 252, show up in my inventory on my Laptop, but DO NOT SHOW ON CB App. I had Mark, with his much appreciated assistance, co-pilot my laptop to straighten the mess out, still, the problem persists. I have no idea what is going on. UGH. Please help.
  7. I have this happen occasionally too on my Android and LG phone
  8. Doing this...will it remove the "since date" list of CB listings from past updates in the mobile app??
  9. Is there any way to erase the "since date" in the mobile app. I have one from November 2019 that shows a negative of over $38,000 and that is not accurate. It happened when somehow , ASM #1 was listed in my collection by mistake and I removed it. That caused a negative in red dolar amount, and everytime I open the app., it shows that first / original date that was saved and I always have to see it, even though it is not accurate. I know I can go to another date on my saves in that app but whenever I open it, the app will, of course, go to the original first date it was saved. I just do not wan
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