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  1. I have this happen occasionally too on my Android and LG phone
  2. Doing this...will it remove the "since date" list of CB listings from past updates in the mobile app??
  3. Is there any way to erase the "since date" in the mobile app. I have one from November 2019 that shows a negative of over $38,000 and that is not accurate. It happened when somehow , ASM #1 was listed in my collection by mistake and I removed it. That caused a negative in red dolar amount, and everytime I open the app., it shows that first / original date that was saved and I always have to see it, even though it is not accurate. I know I can go to another date on my saves in that app but whenever I open it, the app will, of course, go to the original first date it was saved. I just do not want to see that anymore because it is seriously inaccurate. Can it be removed or do I need to uninstall the app and reinstall to have it reset to a new date??
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