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  1. Thanks. Can you check on the Walking Dead issue? That doesn't seem to be updated yet. Appreciate it.
  2. This week I tried to scan in the #1 Image Firsts issues of Fire Power, Paper Girls, The Walking Dead, Monstress, Nocterra, Astro City and Descender on my phone using the ComicBase app, but I got an error message for each one. I scanned regular issues I bought the same day, and they scanned in fine. I updated my program on my desktop using the Rebuild List option, and still cannot get any of the Image Firsts added. What can I do? Thanks!
  3. I added a title to my collection using the app and it appears in my Collection Report but it does not appear in the Titles section ( the button at the top right section of the screen in 2021 Professional Edition. How do I update the Titles section so that it appears there? I really wish this program had some sort of refresh button in certain areas so I don't have to keep coming to this group and asking questions on updating my collection information. Very frustrating. Thanks!
  4. Not quite. I know how to scan on the app and then add new purchases. The problem is getting the purchases to show up in the Titles section located between the left and right arrows. That is how I am able to edit the quantities in my collection. Clicking Titles opens my collection up in a database format where I can update quantities, condition, etc.
  5. I used my phone app to load new purchases into the software but I cannot figure out how to update the software to show the purchases when I click on the Titles button at the top right of the program between the Left and Right arrows. Can someone tell me how to do that? I saved the database, closed the program, restarted and still no update to that Titles section. When I choose Report/ Collection Report / Preview I see the additions. But when I click or Report/ Collection Overview / Preview I don't. I click the "Save to Web" button but that doesn't update the Titles either. Why aren't there more explicit instructions on how to do these simple things? The IA is so not intuitive that it frustrates me so much every time I try to use it. Thank you,
  6. I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to do the simplest things on CB and the software is constantly crashing. How do I do super simple things such as add an old title or issue in? Is there a database that pops up with a list of issues that I can then click to add to my collection? Kind of like using a Excel spreadsheet where all my info is there and I can change whatever. How do I even see my collection on the screen as a table from where I can adjust quantity or condition? I currently have 2000+ comics in my database that I printed up and then inventoried each issue, coming up with missing issues that need to be added or quantity that needs to be changed. And every time I download the db on to Excel or csv I find that the program doesn't actually download every issue. No rhyme or reason to why certain lines just don't appear. For example I downloaded my collection to Excel and all comcis from D to M went missing! This so frustrating and one of the reasons I stopped using this program many years ago. So basically what I am asking is where can I find a detailed User Guide that can take me steps by step through the process of learning how to use this program? I'll gladly pay for it because so far I can't do much of anything with the program. Thank you.
  7. Hi. I am trying to add the Amazing Spider-Man: Skating on Thin Ice #1 (published 1993) comic to my collection but have no idea where I can find the title using the software so I can add it. I don't want to add it as a new comic if it already exists in your database. How can I do this? Thanks!
  8. Hi. After I scan a new buy with my phone app, I go to the program and Internet/Check for new sales and purchases" and I get a message saying " Original Item not found: media 1 title=Amazing Spiderman, The (5th Series) item number=57" I get this same message for any comic I try to add. How do I fix this? Thanks!
  9. Mark, thanks for the info. "In ComicBase, pick a report style (ex: Collection Report) under the Reports Menu, pick your report options, and hit the 'Save to Web' to upload it to your online account" seems to have done the trick. Thanks!
  10. I keep having to go to FIND > OTHER > My Comics > FIND to get my collection to display. Is there any faster way to do this? Also can I save the screen so that it always opens up showing my collection? Thanks!
  11. I went to the program and did the "Check for New Sales and Purchases" and it loaded there but not in the mobile app. The mobile app has no apparent way to automatically refresh.
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