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How do I use Comicbase as a database where I can do simple cataloguing things

Wellington Chin

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I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to do the simplest things on CB and the software is constantly crashing. How do I do super simple things such as add an old title or issue in? Is there a database that pops up with a list of issues that I can then click to add to my collection? Kind of like using a Excel spreadsheet where all my info is there and I can change whatever. How do I even see my collection on the screen as a table from where I can adjust quantity or condition? I currently have 2000+ comics in my database that I printed up and then inventoried each issue, coming up with missing issues that need to be added or quantity that needs to be changed. And every time I download the db on to Excel or csv I find that the program doesn't actually download every issue. No rhyme or reason to why certain lines just don't appear.  For example I downloaded my collection to Excel and all comcis from D to M went missing! This so frustrating and one of the reasons I stopped using this program many years ago. So basically what I am asking is where can I find a detailed User Guide that can take me steps by step through the process of learning how to use this program? I'll gladly pay for it because so far I can't do much of anything with the program. Thank you.

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First, what Edition of CB are you using (Free, Express, Pro, or Archive) and what are you running it on (Windows or Apple (with a Windows emulator like Parallels)?

As far as CB crashing goes, I can't help you. CB runs fine for me (Archive Edition on Windows) and I can't recall the last time it has crashed.

As for using CB, the basics are relatively easy.
Assuming you have never used CB before (have no existing database), when you first run it it will as you to Create/Name a Database.
(I am going from memory here as it has been a long time since I have installed on a new computer without an existing database but this should be really close to what is needed).

Once that is done, you should see some Title and the Issues in that Title.
To 'add' one of you issues, you need to Find that Title which can be done in a few ways.
1) click on the icon between the two arrows in the top right corner or press CTRL+T to bring up the Titles window.
At the top are two radio buttons; One for All Titles and the other for Titles in Stock (you own). Initially if you click the Titles in Stock, nothing will show up as you haven't entered any, yet.
In the box below the radio buttons, Type in the name of a Title.
NOTE: With this method, it will be looking for a Title Title, exactly as you type it. Leave off the leading artitlces (mostly 'The').
2) On the main window, at the top center is a box where you can type in a Title.
The grayed out text in the box should be Title name or barcode. If it isn't use the drop-down arrow to the left to select Title or barcode.
NOTE: This Find will look for what you type anywhere in the Title so you get a greater chance of finding the Title without the exact name. This makes it the better choice when trying to find a Title.

Type in enough of the name to get a small list of possible Titles. Try for what would make it distinct. You can type Superman but will get a lot of Titles listed. Also a particular Title may have different Series or Volume numbers. for example, Superman has 1st Series, 2nd Series, 3rd Series, 4th Series, and 5 Series along with two Canadian Series. You can use the down arrow on your keyboard to scroll through the list and a little information will be displayed showing the Year range for the series.

Once you find the Title, scroll to the Issue number for the issue you have.
Then Change value in the QTY column from 0 to 1 (or more if you have multiple copies).
At that point, you have 1 Issue in the Database that you own (or have Quantity in Stock for).
You can change other values such as Condition (Grade) and Cost (what you paid) as need.

NOTE A potentially easier way to find the Issue is to use the Barcode on the issue (assuming it is a comic published after 1970's).
Either scan it into the Find box at the top center of the window (if you have a barcode scanner) or type in the numbers. This will usually take you right to the correct Title / Issue.

That is the basics for entering your issue into CB. There is a better way if you have a barcode scanner (or like to type in barcodes) and the is with the menu Items->Add by Barcode (or CTRL+I).
When the Add by Barcode window is displayed you can scan each comic and it will be added to the list. Once finished scanning, click Save and all the scanned items will be added to the database by changing the Qty to 1.
Note: Before clicking Save, you can change the Add Qty, Condition, Cost or Selling Price for any or all of the issues scanned.
Note 2: By clicking the check box Display Items After Saving in the bottom left corner, when you click save, a find is automatically done and all the issues entered will be displayed.

Hopefully this will help you get your issues entered.

PS Some issues are either not in CB (while it has a lot, it doesn't have everything ever printed) or are in CB but not where you thing they might be.  Asking in the forum and you will probably get help finding issues.

I am not addressing the download to Excel here as this is already a little long. you can explain the exact steps you are doing I can see if you can help with that.





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