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Luis Corraliza

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Assuming you have it saved as a *.jpg file...
Rename the file to 1-2.jpg.
Drag the 1-2.jpg to the grid area while on the Title 'King in Black'
(anywhere in the grid area. It doesn't have to be on the specific row.)

If at first it isn't showing up, leave the Title and come back.

Afterwards, if you like, you can right-click on the row (highlight it) and select 'Submit New or Corrected Data from the pop-up menu to send the picture to HC to be added to the database.

PS When renaming files to match the Item #, Type what you see for the Item # except if it contains a '/'. In that case, replace the '/' with a '-'.
Item # 1-2 would be named 1-2.jpg
Item # 1/A would be named 1-A.jpg

And if there was a second printing of 1/A,
Item #1/A-2 would be named 1-A-2.jpg.


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