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Fantastic Four Omnibus #4

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I have a copy of the fourth FF omnibus that came out earlier this year.

The cover is by Arthur Adams, but the two variations in the database both credit Jack Kirby.

The ISBN of my book is 1302930508 (ISBN13: 9781302930509), which matches neither.

Should I add a new edition?  If so, what should it be designated?  Or should one of the existing ones be corrected?

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For all other Issues, the x/HC is the Direct Market (cover is from an issue of Fantastic Four) and the x/A is the Book Market (cover by a current artist).

I have the correct cover scan (by Art Adams) for #4/A in my database. It looks like the Cover Artist, UPC and ISBN information is wrong.
I would add yours as 4/A, correct the information and submit it to HC.


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