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How to change a run (i.e issues 50-90 of a series and NOT MASS change)


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I'm not entirely sure I understand the question, but you can select issues by selecting them on the far left column on a series.  Just like submitting information, when you click that column, it turns the entire line blue.  You can either select one (e.g. #7) and then scroll to the last issue of the run you want to select (say, issue #44) and hold the shift key then select issue #44.  It will select issues 7-44 and all will turn blue.  From there, you can do a "Quick Change" on any field.  Just remember that whatever you're changing will apply to all issues you have selected.  If you need to select several issues but they are not in sequence (e.g. #7, #16, #22, and #48) hold the CTRL key down and select each issue you need, then go to "Quick Change" and make your changes.  



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Douglas did a great job explaining the process.
The only thing I will add is Quick Change will replace the entire contents (important for any Text filed (i.e. Notes, Item Description, various creator fields)).

Additionally, 2022 has added Edit->Find and Replace for Text fields. This WILL allow you to replace specific parts of the text fields without replacing the entire contents.

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