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Covers Deleted after Updates v2

Manuel J. Galceran

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Hello. This is a continuing problem when I upload download the new updates. The covers that were there beforehand disappear. For example, the majority of the Amazing Spider-Man #800 issues/variants are not there on a continuing basis. This becomes really annoying, especially now that the issue naming convention changed from the old format (800/A) to the new format (800/V51)...just an example. Please help!

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Mark, thank you but it is not just related to variant issues. I recently went back to check an X-Men series older than the most current and the covers that I had seen before (and was "tracking" for future purchase were not available when I downloaded the last update. If I as a user, or you all as providers constantly update covers that become available or are new, shouldn't they "stay there" from update tp update? Let me know. Thanks again.

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