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Could Additional Photos Be A Thing?

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All the recent talk about X-Force #1 recently made me think about visual aids to identify particular books or differences.  In the case of X-Force #1, a significant difference is whether the Captain America in the UPC box is black and white or a negative image (white and black?).  Within CB, these two books used appear to be the same because only the front cover was displayed.  The fully displayed wrap around cover solves it with this specific issue but others are more subtle.  I'm not necessarily saying that we need a second full cover photo, but something possibly zoomed in on the difference that might come up with the main pic when it is selected might help though.  Another possibility is that once selected, the user could select from one of two or three pics available.

Aside from the X-Force thing, I have submitted books in the past that were rejected because they appeared to be the same as a previously entered book, particularly at a casual glance.  An example would be Locke & Key #1-AUT.  I have submitted it several times, including during the time I'm typing this post.  I have done all that I can to indicate that it is different from #1 even though they share the same UPC.  It came from IDW with the gold foil seal on it and the upper left corner has Issue "#1 Signed Edition" actually printed on it where the price is on #1.  With additional picture fields, I could zoom in on the seal and the upper left corner to better support my case for it being in the Master DB and users could quickly and easily see what sets this particular book aside from the others that look very much like it. 

Another use would be for collector sets where the primary book would be the primary photo but we could have an additional pic or pics to display the additional items.  We could also display both the cover of a book along with a slipcase, should one be included.  It might even solve the polybagged/unbagged question as well. 

Along the same lines, possibly a functional link in an item to the CB site where the pics could be stored so as not to hinder the db with additional pics for a million or so books.  The link would allow rapid and easy identification while pointing out small differences and even putting the differences side by side. 


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