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Bar Codes and Old Manhattan Scanner from Comic Base

James R. LaMontagne

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This past year I suddenly found my scanner was no longer reading bar codes at all. Even though I knew there was a switch in Comic Base using CODABAR system to Code 2 of 6, I was having issues, which I thought were the scanner. They were not. The scanner works just fine. It never occuurred to me that ComicBase would wipe out all the original CODABAR codes.So now my 20,000 books all labelled under the old system, need new labels for me to process any sales. While I underdstand the need to use the new bar codes, I an surprised they would not just leave access to the old ones as well, much like the UPC bar codes are there.

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Wait what? When did this happen? I've been neglecting to update from, and my CODABAR labels are still scanning to the correct database entry. When I generate new labels the barcodes still appear to be coming out in the format of B1234567D... and are CODABAR. Don't tell me they changed this on a minor bugfix update...

Anyway, the Manhattan scanner is very versatile and needs some tweaks to make it scan the CODABARs correctly for ComicBase. Dammit, who deleted my attachments? Well, I might as well re-up them here...

this on:


...and setting CR instead of CR+LF makes the scanner behave better in other programs (no double line break in Notepad, no opening the Downloads window in Firefox):


And if we end up needing it:

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