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Roy of the Rovers - IPC

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Got to this title which was a much loved British comic that I used to read.

A lot of the covers are duplicates, or attached to the wrong issue number or date. I have tidied up issues 1-175 but some of the correct covers won't upload because they are smaller, thus leaving some incorrect covers. If the covers of these issues could be deleted in the next update -I could then submit all the correct covers.

My main issue is that having got to issue 176, the date of this issue should be 23/2/1980 not 29/2/1980.

Issue 177 should be 29/2/1980, 178 should be 1/3/1980 etc etc, Is there a fast way of correcting the dates of issues 176-860, or is the only way the laborious one at a time?

I will pause indexing/correcting this title for now. Until I hear from you.

There is however a lot of correcting still to be done.

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If All the Cover dates for #177-860 are correct but just shifted up 1 issue from where they should be, you can:

Click on the Cover Date cell for #176.

Scroll down to #859 (do not 'Jump' to it as you need to keep the #176 Cover Date highlighted)

Press and Hold the Shift key and click on the Cover date for #859.

(This should highlight all the Cover Date cells for all the issues between the two Issues (inclusive) and just the Cover Date cells)

Release the Shift Key and use CTRL+C to copy.

Go to #177 (you can 'Jump' (using F3) and click on the Cover date of #177

Use CTRL+P to paste in the values.

NOTE: I have done this and it works, but you can try in on a test database first.


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