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Inducks import?

Greg Brobeck

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If this is possible, the basic steps would be:
Export the information from Inducks (no idea how to do this).
Import data to a spreadsheet (or a database or just a text file).
Clean up data and match to CB columns (Title and Item # especially have to match what CB has).
Import to CB.
(NOTE: To do this you would need at least the Pro Edition of CB to allow Import)

The hardest part is changing the name of the Title and Item # that Inducks has to match the Title and Item # that CB has (the Title may be the same but not always and Item # is probably not the same).

Before going further, I will say this may be a lot of work that may have little or no value. It depends on what information Inducks has and how it matches to what CB has.

It would be much easier just to enter them directly into CB.
If the issues have a Barcode and you have a scanner (or you can type in the barcode number but that is slow), you can use Import by Barcode and enter a lot of comics very quickly.

Alternately, if you have a lot of issues for Titles, you can go to that title, and change Qty to 1 (or more if you have multiple copies).
This can be done one at a time or Highlight multiple issues then type a number to change all selected issues Qty to that number.

If you don't want to do this, you would have to cleanup any exported Inducks data to include the CB Title, Item #, and Condition (at the least for uniqueness) plus any other CB columns that Inducks may have information for.

Once cleaned up in the spreadsheet, save to a CSV file (using either a Comma or a Tab as the separator.

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