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Famous First Edition

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The database includes two listings for DC's hardcover reprint of New Fun Comics #1.  Both are listed under the Famous First Edition title (which is appropriate, given the indicia of the book).  

#62 is listed with a cover date of 4/1/1979 and #63/HC is listed with a cover date of 7/1/2020.  

Based on the indicia of the book, the listing for #63/HC in the database is correct and that listing should be retained in the database.  

I am not able to find anything verifying that a #62 (or a #C-62, for that matter) exists for this title, nor am I able to find anything verifying that there was a reprinting of New Fun Comics #1 in 1979.  The listing for #62 should be deleted.  

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Straight from DC's website: "In celebration of its 85th anniversary, DC Comics reprints for the very first time its first-ever published comic book, New Fun #1, the comic that transformed the fledgling industry by being the first ongoing title made up of new stories instead of reprints of newspaper comic strips."  So the New Fun is the first and only version so far of that particular reprint.  

Using the GCD, C-62 was "All-New Collectors' Edition" and was all related to, but not an adaptation of, Superman The Movie. Apparently tabloid sized and the C-62 was used in the indicia.  

Edited by Douglas W. McCratic
First version was only half baked.
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