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Custom Fields included in Report

Lyle Brown

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I am using 4 custom fields, custom field 1 is Box#, custom field boxes 2-4 are labeled 9.4, 9.6 and 9.8 and filled with the CGC FMV for each book listed.  Many different titles are in my "CGC" box.  So I'm just trying to print out a report with the following:  Title, Item #, Qty, Cover, Cost, and my custom fields, Box#, 9.4, 9.6 and 9.8.

I select find, item field, Box, and box is CGC, select find and up comes my CGC box.  I highlight everything and select quick report, but only Title, #, Cd, Qty, Price and Notes show up in the quick report.

I'm not sure how to proceed.  Windows 10 Pro using ComicBase 2022 Archive Edition, v22.0.1.1613

Thanks for any help.

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Currently only Collection Report and Item Checklists, Price List, and Wanted List have the ability to display Custom Fields
(You can make a request for this to be different under Feature Suggestions.)

However there is a way to get what you want with a few extra steps. This is to use the Marked box (you can't be using Marked for other things at the same time, though).

1) Run the find like you want.
2) Select All Items (CTRL+A is one easy way to do this).
3) Right-click and select Quick Change.
4) Change: 'Marked' To: 'Is Checked'
Once the items are Marked you can:
5) Use Report-> (report type) where Report type is one of the Reports that allow Custom Fields (Collction Report or Item Checklists are probably the best)
6) On the Report window, check the boxes for 'List Only Marked Issues' and teh various 'Custom Fields' you want.
(You can make other selections but you need to check at least these)
7)Run the Report.

NOTE: You will need to Find the Marked Issues and change then to 'Unchecked' to clear the Marked field before using it for anything else that would look for Marked being Checked.

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Thank you Steven for your detailed reply, much appreciated.  Unfortunately, I use the Marked box for much of my collection.  I think I'll create another database just for my CGC book collection and use your steps to achieve my desired report.  Thanks again.

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