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Any way to override scanning a new comic that is already in stock in my database from making QTY 2 and halving the cost of the existing comic?

John Rotoli

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When scanning a bunch of back issue comics that I recently purchased, if the same issue exists in NM condition in the database, that issue will become Quantity "2" and the issue cost will now be half of what it was. I would prefer to just scan every issue and have them appear as a new entry in the database so then I can go in and change the condition and cost fields without having to also go back and fix the previously existing issue back to the way it was. I don't know if others have this same problem, but it gets to be a lot of manual work when you add 100 issues and 75 of them are already present in my database.

I hope you have some sort of way to override this. I've looked but don't see an obvious way to get this accomplished.


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As far as I can tell what you are asking for doesn't currently exist in CB.

However, they may be a way to do this with a little bit of work (hopefully not too much for you).

Using 'Add by Barcode' scan in comics.
(the next part is the hard part.)
With the 'Add by Barcode' still displayed, change all the conditions to something NOT being used (<ungraded> could be a good choice).
Making sure the 'Display items after saving' is checked and click Save.
You should have a display with all the issues you just scanned in.
Select ALL the issues (CTRL+A is one way to do this), right-click and from the pop-up menu, select .Quick Change'.
Change Condition to NM or some other condition.
This assumes you want them all to be the same condition. If not, you will need to set each one individually (or in 'chunks' by selecting all the ones you want to set to one condition then selecting others to set to some other condition.

At the very least All you issues you entered will have been added as single issues and not combined with existing issues (as long as the condition you used isn't being used).


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