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Database corrupt including back-ups?

Jim Lorrig

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I recently upgraded to ComicBase Professional 2022, v22.0.0.1557 version.  Last weekend, I used the export function to a .CSV file so I could scan my collection.  Two nights ago, I logged in, and was presented with a screen that updated titles, prices, etc. was available, so I elected to perform the update.  When the update was done, I opened the database and the database is empty.  I have since tried to open 5 different backups.  I receive the following: 


After choose "Make Working File", I I then get this message. 


After choosing "Yes", the backup is loaded and my titles have returned.  However, I want to make this my active database, which I thought I did when it stated "Make Working File".  I then attempted "Save a Copy" to "ComicBase Database" and to "New ComicBase Database" and both state they are being used.  

Is it just a matter of closing the program, and then renaming the backup file to the "ComicBase Database" through standard File Explorer?  

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!


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Yes. With CB closed, you can use File Explore to rename any CB database or backup file to any name you like (just leave the extension the same).

Since CB will try to open the last database that was in use, you should double click on the newly renamed database to get CB to open it directly.

PS you can also copy a backup file to another location and rename it so you have the original backup, if you need it.

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