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How to edit inventory

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I used Comicbase to sell on Atomic Avenue years ago.  I decided to come back.  I still had the inventory I used back then and uploaded it and created a store on AA.  I'm on vacation there until I can get my inventory straight.  I need to remove some issues from it.  It's easy enough to add, but I can't see how to remove issues from the database.  It must be something simple I'm missing.  I have thousands of comics so to start from scratch relisting would be undesirable.  Can I edit the database?  I tried office xml handler, nothing happened.

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You manage inventory by the Qty in Stock column.

If it is set to 0 you have NO stock for that issue.

If it is set to 1 or more, you have 1 or more of that issue in stock.

If you have thousands of comics and you have let the database get out of sync with what you actually have, there is not quick and easy way to reconcile them.

You will need to inventory your collection and compare it with what you have in CB.

There are ways to do this (Find all issues qty Qty >= 1, Export Issues you own (to work with a file or spreadsheet), Generate a report of issues owned) but no matter what you will need to correct the contents in CB.

NOTE: If you Export the information and get that file corrected, you can Import the information into a new (empty of owned items) database. (but I think you need at least the Pro edition to do both Export and Import).


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