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Mark all CB inventory for sale

Karen S. Mattox

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 I asked this question before, when nothing appeared in atomic avenue right away after uploading my CB database, but subsequently saw my inventory in AA. I had forgotten to uncheck "on vacation" and thought I would be able to see inventory anyway.  Unfortunately, after telling you to disregard the question, upon inspection I saw that issues that I had deleted from CB were still in AA. It appeared to be using my inventory from years ago.  I deleted the AA database and reloaded my CB inventory for sale, waited more than an hour+ and there was still nothing in AA.  Here is my original question which I still would like answered if someone will please.  I actually marked one or more of my items "for sale" and they still don't show up in AA after the upload.

I've spent much time populating my collection on ComicBase.  I didn't check the box "for sale" because I don't remember having to do that when I last used CB years ago.  I posted my comics for sale on Atomic Ave and nothing showed up!  With a little research I realized that box "for sale" needed to be checked.  Is there a way for me to put my entire collection as "for sale" without having to modify each item individually?  I have magazines and books too.

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Here is one way.

Run a Find for Item Fields->Qty in Stock
use IS Greater Than or Equal To and type 1 in the box
(you can also check the 'List only items in Stock' but that should be redundant).
Then click Find.
(alternately, you could use an Advanced Find with 'I.QtyInStock >= 1')

Once the results are displayed,
Select ALL the rows (CTRL+A)
Right-Click and select Quick Change from the pop-up menu.
Use the drop-down box for Change: and select 'For Sale'.
Set the drop-down box for To: and select 'Is Checked'.
Click Make Changes.

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