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How to add issue pictures

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I have CB Pro.  Am I able to add pictures to an item?  I tried dragging an image file to the selected issue but it doesn't work.  I added images to the unzipped photo file I downloaded from CB, thought I re-zipped it correctly but the pictures don't show up that way either.  I have some issue, titles, that I added to my inventory but they've not been accepted to the CB database.  I wanted to add pictures to my new items and resubmit for inclusion, thinking that would help, but I can't find out how to do it.  Can someone point out how to do that, if I can?  Thank you.

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It is not too complicated but there are a few rules.

First, it has to be a *.jpg file.

Second, the file name is the same as the Issue number with one exception.

The exception is that a slash ( / ) is replace with a dash ( - ).


Issue #  File name

1           1.jpg

HC 1     HC 1.jpg

1/A       1-A.jpg

1/A-2    1-A-2.jpg (second printing of the A variant).

Once you have the correct name and type of file, drag/drop the cover scan file to the Grid area in CB (you need to be on the correct title).

NOTE: You do NOT have to be on the exact line as the issue number. Anywhere in the grid works.

NOTE2: Sometimes, after dragging/dropping the cover scan file, CB may not update the display immediately. Just leave and come back to the title and it should be displayed.

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Can you supply some screen shots of the steps you take?

Here are the instructions with an attachment for demonstration.
First Rename the file to match the Issue #, replacing any / with - (see the RED circles).
Next Click and hold the left mouse button to drag and drop the file to the Grid area (see GREEN arrow).
This can be anywhere in the grid area (see BLUE box).

If at first you don't see the cover in CB, leave the Title and come back to it (to refresh the screen).

If this is not working, the only thing I can think of is a permission issue.

As a Test, you can try changing the Picture Folder location using File->File Tools, Manage Pictures and Movies.
Change the location by clicking in the folder icon next to the file path.
This location can be anywhere (just remember this is a folder that Contains the Pictures folder and not the actual Pictures folder).
Once changed, see if you can drag/drop the cover scan.
If it works then it is most likely a permission issue with the original location.
If it still does not work, you will probably need to contact support.2077554044_AddCover.thumb.JPG.bb350d56d7f85c6560e260283c37d704.JPG

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Thank you so much for your patience and help.  I had put the images in the Human Computing folder.  When I moved them back to the downloads folder and dragged them into the database, they populated the image just fine.  Also, I had to rename some files from *.jpeg to *.jpg.  Thanks again.

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