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1) Export (from CollectorZ) and Import (to ComicBase) data (at a minimum, you would need Title, Issue # Quantity, and Grade). CB will accept either a Comma or Tab delimited file.
However, Title names and Issue Numbers will, most likely, be different than CollectorZ.
PS I believe you need at least ComicBase Pro to Import.

2) (if you have mostly modern (after 1980's) comics and a barcode scanner is to Add by Barcode (Note: If you don't have a barcode scanner, you could type the barcode in manually but this is tedious).
PS if you have a bunch of direct market issues (has a picture in place of the barcode), this won't work for them).

3) go to a Title, select 1 or more Issues (they don't have to be consecutive) then type a number (normally 1) to set the Quantity in stock to that number.

Methods 1 and 2 will require you to make a 'cross-reference' list to match the various CollectorZ Titles/Issues with their corresponding ComicBase Titles/Issues.

Method 2 would be the best if you have a barcode scanned, have few Direct Market issue, and mostly modern day comics.

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