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Add cover images to new books

Karen S. Mattox

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1) make sure the type is a *.JPG.

2) whatever the issue number is displayed as, type exactly the same characters, except replace an / with a -.



1        1.jpg

1/A     1-A.jpg

HC 1   HC 1.jpg

1/A-2  1-A.2.jpg

0.5     0.5.jpg

PS If it looks correct try leaving the title and then returning. Sometimes the display needs to refresh to display the image.

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Yes that works fine for comics.  The book was listed as TPB (10th), I guess because my copy is the 10th printing.  There is no number associated with the book.  I named the image TPB.jpg and also tried TPB (10th).jpg but as soon as I dragged the image into the comicbase page of the book, the round curser has a line through it, rather than the + through it when adding to a comic.  Something is different for books.  Any other suggestions?

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Ah, I see the problem. You are using Album view (which I never do).

I guess I am going to have to modify my 'how to name a picture file' instructions.

The actual Item Number is TPB-10, if you were in Grid View.

Having the Album View display TPB (10th) confuses and complicates the instructions.

The Picture file needs to be  TPB-10.jpg to get displayed.

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