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Issues not in the dB

Joel Ekis

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If are referring to the 'View Unrecognized Items' like on the Content Update window, what that means either the Title was removed (i.e. was added before actual printing but cancelled so it never existed) or the Title and/or Publisher changed, or the Type was changed (i.e. a Comic Book moved to a Book or Magazine).

Most likely you are interested in the last two (as you wouldn't have any of the cancelled titles. For these, the information is still in CB just under a different name.

For Publisher name changes, if the Title didn't change you will see the 'duplicate' Titles.

For a Title name change it can be a little more challenging.

Some Titles were deleted because the issues either belonged to another Title or already existed in another Title. These can be little difficult to find.

Some Titles are simple typo corrections (for example, the Jun 22 update changed 'Hulking & Wiccan' to 'Hulkling & Wiccan' because the first one was missing the second 'l' in Hulkling). Depending on what changed they may still near each other

Some Titles were changed by removing some words that didn't belong in the title. These are a little more difficult to find. try looking for key words in the title to see what can be found.

If a Title Type was changed you can try looking in the other Types (but using the Find box at the top of the window, can show you what Type it is in, also).

Another way to find some of these is to do a Find using the UPC.

You can also look at the ComicBase Update Log look for New Title.


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