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Re-Installing - Have the Pictures on Backup Drive - How to include without "Installing" photos?


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Hi - first time poster, here.

Hopefully, my title is somewhat self-explanatory.

Due to a Windows wipe & reinstall, I've had to reinstall ComicBase and I have the pictures on my backup drive. So, rather than downloading everything all over again, I'd prefer to just point the program to the correct folder and update when needed.

Doesn't seem this is possible. I told the installer where the pictures were, however, they don't display. I truly don't want to download those huge files again if I don't have to.

I searched the forum, but couldn't find a similar subject tot his one.

Any ideas?

Let me know - thanks!

Pax, harmonia,

Brian G. Philbin

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You don 't mention what Edition of CB you have (Express, Pro, or Archive).

If it is Pro or Archive, this should be a (relatively) simple process.

Question: Do you want to use the Pictures in their current location on the Backup drive


Do you want to copy the pictures from your Backup drive to a disk drive on your computer?

if the Backup drive location:

Use menu item File->File Tools.

Click on Manage Pictures and Moves.

Under 'Location for Pictures and Movies folder, change the folder that contains the Pictures folder on the Backup drive.

NOTE: Not the actual Pictures folder the the folder that it is in.

If you want to copy to your computer driver:

Use Manage Pictures and Movies to either location where the Pictures folder is OR change it to a location you want.

Then just use Windows to copy the entire Pictures folder on the Backup drive to the new location on your computer drive.


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