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I use Parallels on my Mac for CB. I'm having an issue and I'm not sure it's a Parallels issue, a Windows issue, or a CB issue. I would like some feedback to see if any of you have this problem. In grid view I drag the dividing line between grid and Title description up, in order to see more issues in the grid window. When I quit CB and reopen it, It dosen't remember and defaults to where the dividing line was previously. Again, not sure if this is a CB bug or something else. I am able to change the "cover grid icon size" in the View menu, and that will stay in place after quiting and reopening CB. If any of you would check it out on your computer, it would be greatly appreciated. I am able to drag the dividing line down, quit and reopen, and it retains grid posostion. Thanks, Robbie

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This is how my splitter line in CB works (Windows computer).
If I drag the line up or down, as long as there enough space to display the Value Grid, CB will remember the location.
If I drag the line up so far that the Value Grid can't be displayed, the next time I start CB, the splitter line is move lower to a point where the Value Grid can be displayed.

In other words, it will remember the splitter line location unless it is past a certain point (that point being the ability to display the Value Grid).
NOTE: It doesn't matter if you have Include Value Grid checked or not.

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