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Issues Missing from One Title

Trevor Pearson

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I have something weird -- one of my titles -- Back Issue, only shows issues I own and nothing else. Every unknowned issue is missing. I've checked the view options and tried shifting into only in stock view and back to all issues, from grid to rows, updated the DB and restarted, etc and nothing seems to affect it.

anybody got a tip for fixing this table or seen it before?

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Just checked my db and all issues of this title show up for me.  It is listed under the magazines section, so check and make sure that you have it listed as such.  If you have it listed under comics that MAY be the reason not all issues are showing up.  When I first entered issues in the title it was as a comic but the title was later changed to magazine and I had to convert my issues over.  I may be remembering this incorrectly but check the title's category to be sure for starters.

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Edward is correct. Back Issues in listed under Type Magazines.

When CB moves a Title to a different type (or even Renames a Title), it won't delete any Issues you own. and if you have any owned issues, the Title won't be deleted.

If you only have a few issues to deal with, it is easiest to just copy the information over then delete the Issues from the incorrect (or set qty in stock to 0 and let the next update delete them).

If you have a lot of issue, you can delete those issues (or all the issues) from where you are going to move them to (in this case, the Magazine Title). Then (when displaying the Comic Books Title Back Issue, use Edit->Change Title Media Type to change it to Magazines.

Once they are in Magazines, you can wait for the next Update to add all the other issues back into your database or force CB to re-run the last update by holding the SHIFT key down while selecting Check for Updates.



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