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CB Wanted List vs AA Wish List

Lance Fittro

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I love the added options under the Sidekick settings to "Uncheck Wanted status for owned items" and "Remove Items from the Atomic Avenue Wish List that are not marked as Wanted" which gets things much closer to fully-synchronizing the two lists. I've got some cleanup work to do before I pull the trigger on checking the added boxes, but a couple of questions I had:

1) When using the "Uncheck Wanted status for owned items" that will work for most items on my want list, but what if I am looking to hoard a particular issue, and want more no matter how many copies I already have in my collection? Or if I have a lower-grade copy of an item in my collection, but would like to upgrade? Would it work to Ctrl+D duplicate that particular item in my database, zero out the quantity on the duplicate entry, and keep that zero-quantity item checked as "Wanted" in order to keep it marked as Wanted? Or will having any entry in any grade for a particular issue cause the Wanted box to become unchecked if that particular Sidekick Settings box is checked?

2) The AA Wish List has an added feature of "Min. Condition" desired when adding items to the AA Wish List that is not reflected in the CB Want List, so that any time a Want List item is carried over from CB to AA, it defaults to the "Any" condition. Similarly, the "Max. Price" input in AA. Are there any plans to add these two options to CB as well? Personally, I would not use the "Max. Price" field so much as the "Min. Condition," but that does help me cut down on the e-mail clutter of notifications for reader copies added to AA of books that I am only looking for in higher grades.


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Fair enough. I think for my use case, I'll leave my CB in hoarding/upgrade mode by not checking the top box, but will definitely be checking the bottom one (much much easier to uncheck a Wanted box in CB than to navigate to the page in AA to do so). Thanks again for adding these options!

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