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Uploading Covers

Robert Wood

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I am still having the issue where I upload a larger cover only for ComicBase to over write it with the original cover.

I am on ComicBase Archive Edition 2023 with the latest patch.

For example title Steven Universe cover 1-C and 1-D - the covers attached are bigger -but they keep being overwritten by the original smaller/prelim covers.

I did the indexing that Pete suggested but I am still getting the issue.

As a second issue when I scroll down through issues the main picture lags badly 1-4 seconds and sometimes does not update at all.



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Make sure the pixel dimensions of the ones you're trying to save are larger than the ones we have on file. You might want to open the images, check their DPI settings, then re-save them: I've seen at least one case where something about the JPEG header was incorrect so they appeared to be smaller than they should have. So long as the height and width in pixels are larger than the ones we have, they won't get replaced--even if you have "replace smaller covers" checked in your preferences. 



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Thanks Pete, you response gave me an idea. Both problems were solved by going to preferences and turning off "automatically download larger picture when viewing files".

Somehow in my upgrading this got turned on.

Now no writing over my pictures and also no more lagging. Yippee!

Thank you.

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