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Need help finding Rocketeer collection in ComicBase

Michael Allen

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Can someone tell me where the listing for the first Rocketeer collection is located?  I am talking about the book titled The Rocketeer (The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens on the cover,) published by Eclipse in TP and HC in 1986 with a Harlan Ellison introduction, which collects the content from Pacific Presents. The second collection (Rocketeer Vol. 2: Cliff's New York Adventure) was published by Dark Horse (collecting Rocketeer Adventure Magazine) and is listed in ComicBase under Rocketeer Adventure Magazine as BK-1, but I forgot where the first volume lives. I looked under each Rocketeer title and Eclipse Graphic Album Series and can't think of any other options. If there is no listing, I will scan my copy and submit one, but I am pretty sure I found it in the past. Thanks.



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