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Enter by Barcode, issue without Cover Scan...

Fred Slota

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When I enter by barcode and an issue does not currently have a cover scan, the graphic on the right of the window is the publisher logo (if that exists).  The full logo. 

The thumbnail for that issue is also the publisher logo.  A portion of that logo.  I think the image isn't being resized for thumbnail size.


At minimum, if it's going to show the publisher logo, I think it should resize the logo.


Better, I think that the program should, when adding issues by barcode and you don't currently have a cover scan, I think the software should do an automatic check to see if a cover scan is available on line.  Maybe this should be an opt-in option in the add-by-barcode window, for those who want more control over picture downloading, but I think this should be available for those (like me) who find seeing the cover scan as a useful confirmation that the scan is entering the correct book.

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