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Clean up for 02/09/2023 content update

Gregory Hecht

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This week's update added HC (2nd print) to The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker
•  First, this title belongs in Comic Books, not Books. 
•  Second, I'm not sure that the all of the cover prices and scans match up for the items listed under this title.  This will take a little bit of detective work on my end, not sure when I will get to it.  Unless somebody else can jump in on this one, I will have to follow up on this in the next week or so.  

Also added was HC #1 to the book title Marvel Value Stamps: A Visual History.  This title now has a #1 item and a HC #1 item, both with the same cover price.  How many editions of this book were published?  And were they actually part of a numbered series?  AFAIK, there is just a single volume hardcover version coming in March.  So some clean-up is needed here.  

The Book title The Seventh Sigil was added.  This should really be indexed as Seventh Sigil, The 

The following #1 items were added to the Books category.  Were all of these part of numbered series?  I suspect that at least a couple were not, but I cannot vouch for all of them.
•  Alice in Wonderland: The Official Cookbook #HC 1
•  Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Visual Dictionary #1
•  Life Is Strange: Steph’s Story #1
•  Little Mermaid Pop-Up Book, The #HC 1
•  Marvel Value Stamps: A Visual History #HC 1
•  Nightmare Before Christmas Character Pop, The: Jack Skellington #HC 1
•  Ringmaster: Vince McMahon and the Unmaking of America #1
•  Story of Disney, The: 100 Years of Wonder #HC 1
•  Ultraman: The Official Novelization #1
•  World of Reading: Star Wars: The Battle of Endor #1

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