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IMPORTING: Title Error

Derek S. Putnam

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Hi Team. I'm trying to create a new DB and import the old. both DBs are up to date. when I try to import I get the error below. Any suggestions? I followed the correct export directions, title, item #, condition, qty in stock, cost, cover artist, location, signatures (last two custom) are my fields.



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Need more information before I can be specific.
When you exported, what were your options?
Was Include Field headers checked? (checked is best)
What Item Separator did you choose (Tab is best)

Once exported, did you edit the file to change anything?

For Import, did you use the same Item Separator?

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Okay. That makes it a little more difficult.

'Somewhere' there is a 'bad' Title name. Trying to find it can be easy or hard.

If you have Excel (or another spreadsheet, open the file with it.

Sort by Title name (you can exclude the Field Headers in the Sort.

Look at the First Row and the Last Row. Hopefully what ever is causing the problem will sort to one of the places.

If you can't find anything, I would try one of two things.

A) In CB use File Tools->Rebuild Lists and run it on Series and Item information (mostly Series as Item is just in case). Hopefully this may fix the problem on the Database you are Exporting from.

B) Split the file in Half (or thirds or some other amount) and try importing them. If it is just 1 Title, only one of the files should fail. Repeat the process (split and import) on the failed file and you should be able to get down to the problem row( s ). If you can identify it you might be able to either fix it or eliminate it (type the information manually).

PS I would do B on a 'sacrificial database' that you can just delete until the problem row is found/fixed.

Alternately, Contact Support and see if they can view your database and determine the problem.




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