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Trying to update to latest Archive version

Adam Akin

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I am trying to install the update to the 23.2.2 version. I am currently using v23.1.0.2065. I keep getting an " Invalid Drive: E:\ error". This MS surface only has the C hard drive and removable D drive (where CB is currently installed).

When I fire up CB now asks if I want to update, when I say not now the program opens as normal, but I can't download the weekly content update. It just keeps asking me to upgrade my version of CB which results in the same error.

The error also prompts to show a log which I have attached.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?







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Almost sounds like you accidentally cleared out the default install path for the software when you tried to install. It can happen if you accidentally click outside the window.

Try to restart the Program Installer process (it usually plugs in the proper install path).

If you still have trouble, please contact support@comicbase.com

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